What to Wear: On A Casual Saturday w/ Kids

What to wear for a casual Saturday when you don't want to be frumpy or overdressed

Remember a few months back when I posted about my own personal #getdressed challenge? The goal is to get out of my style rut and not resort to yoga pants or my go-to jeans.  And also to also push my own style a little bit. I know how to get dressed up for a dinner or for church, so the goal is to come up with different scenarios and find stylish ways to put together a look around them.  So I’ve put together a series of posts on what to wear for certain situations (because I could definitely use some inspiration right now!)

First up is this round-up on what to wear for a casual fall Saturday with kids. Fall and winter are my personal style tricky seasons. I feel like I either overshoot it and end up too dressy/prissy for running errands or going to the coffee shop or go all style bipolar and end up in yoga pants and feeling frumpy.

What to wear for a casual Saturday when you don't want to be frumpy or overdressed

  1. Loren Hope stud earrings
  2. gingham shirt
  3. belt
  4. iPhone Case
  5. red New Balance sneakers
  6. Paige Jimmy Jimmy straight jeans
  7. Glasses key fob
  8. Dansko baby bag

“Unfussy but pulled together casual” are my descriptives and the one element that I am wanting to try that I can’t ever seem to nail are cute athletic shoes (am I the only who feels clunky in them? But then I see other girls who look so darn cute in them!). I did pick up the flannel button-down and leopard belt from J.Crew, and I am still in love with my Paige Jimmy Jimmy jeans. They’re described as boyfriend jeans, but to me they fit more like straight jeans, which are super versatile. Great with heels, great rolled up with flats. Love.


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