Redheads & babies

This week Archer turns three months old, and my heart is so full that it could nearly burst. His newest parlor trick is that he has mastered the art of the smile, and boy does he light up like Christmas. I see that smile all the way in his beautiful little blue eyes and it’s become what I call the Love Look. His tiny body is so full of joy that he just can’t contain himself.


Meanwhile Jude has a very big honor at school this past week. He received the top award given, called the “I Am Third” award. It means he puts God first, others second, and himself third. He was called up in front of the lower school assembly as the first grade recipient for the month of March and I choked up as I listened to the principal read the beautiful words about Jude and his character qualities. Job well done, my little redhead. Simon remarked that good character matters far more more than grades, more than money, more than honor. Others matter. Relationships matter.

On Saturday we went out to lunch with  my parents and promptly followed it up with pie at the Pie Junkie. We joke that if you looked at Archer’s DNA, it’s probably composed of their smashingly delicious banana cream pie since that was my big pregnancy craving. I’m 99% certain of it.  Oh, and for what it’s worth, Jude’s probably composed of Johnnie’s cheeseburgers and fries as that was what I wanted when I was pregnant with him (and funny enough, that’s his favorite thing!).

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Our beautiful tree in the front yard got a trimming last week, and the neighbor kids have figured out a way to climb up into it, which I so would have done at their age. I found Jude in it and remarked that had I been his age, I would’ve been up there with a book and a blanket all the time. “OH that’s a great idea,” he squealed. “Would you bring me one?” So a big fluffy comforter from Garnet Hill and a Highlights magazine were procured (remember those?).  When I came outside today, I found nerf guns and bullets, strapped to the tree. I cannot make this stuff up.


Archer Bear, keep on smiling bright. You’ve got a marvelous big brother to lead you along the way. Just don’t go climbing any trees anytime soon, mkay? Love, Momma.

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