Nickels adopts a baby


Nickels the chihuahua adopts a baby bunny

I was maybe as nervous about Nickels becoming a big brother as I was Jude. You never know how a dog will react to a new person, so we made every effort to introduce Archer to Nickels by bringing his blanket home before he was released, that sort of thing. And now they absolutely lurrrrrve each other. It’s a nonstop bromance, day and night. Nickels whines when we come in the door if he can’t immediately see the baby in the carrier. And he’s ruined loved more than one of Archer’s toys, but whatev. Needless to say, Archer is Nickels’ baby.

Earlier this week I let Nickels out in the backyard to roam free. This usually does not last very long unless he decides to sunbathe, but on this particular afternoon, he was gone for so long that I thought for sure he escaped. But then I discovered him out in the tall grass. Like a wilderness explorer with a machete. And in Steve Irwin style, he was clearly hunting something wild and dangerous. Finally I reached through the grass and saw a tiny brown body and long ears. A baby bunny! (And thank goodness it wasn’t a rat, you know? I mean really).


Then awhile later, here comes Nickels with a tiny baby bunny in his mouth, trotting happily up to the back door. DROP HIM, DOG! I hissed. And so he gently did and then hovered around it like a proud mother. “Jude! Nickels adopted a baby!” The neighbor kids were summoned, carrots were procured, a bassinet/Pyrex bowl was brought forth (just like those clear plastic bassinets in the hospital haaaaaa), and we all settled around to adore the new infant.

And now look at Nickels. He’s just like a first time parent. Such an anxious hot mess.

did-you-wash-your-hands lay-him-on-his-backis-he-breathing


I mean seriously. What a helicopter parent.




I don’t know if he’ll even let that baby be watched by anyone else. Oh, and the official name on the birth certificate is Howey Boy. Haha



Ahhh love. We’re all just a bunch of fools for babies. 😉


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