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There’s lots of talk about “capsule wardrobes” these days (a selection of a handful of items that you mix and match for the season). But I feel like I did the capsule wardrobe thing while I was pregnant, and it bored me to pieces. Bring on the color! The variety! The OPTIONS!  In the throes of cleaning out all my maternity clothes and looking forward to spring, I found myself finding pieces I’d totally forgotten about. Which led me to feeling like I had an all new wardrobe! Hooray!


I still put on my same ol’ “momiform” of jeans and a tshirt, every day. Why was that? Why not actually wear all those pretty things instead of waiting for a special occasion?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my go-to uniform on those days when I’m either too PMS-y or rushed to think about it. But really – life’s too short to not put on real clothes, you know? And as it turns out, I feel so much better in clothing that’s a little bit polished and pulled together. My confidence increases – it’s a total “fake it til you make it” kind of thing. So I challenged myself to get dressed in something different every day. At the very least, something different than just a tee and jeans.

One afternoon while the baby napped, I tried on clothes and put together outfits that I hadn’t really considered before, especially focusing on those pieces that I really liked but felt stumped on how to put them together. Can you relate?  The end result is that I have a smattering of new-to-me outfits and it also showed me the holes that I needed to fill in my wardrobe. For example: no more striped tees (Lord knows I have them allllll), but yes to some solid-colored skirts to wear with those striped tees.

So I’m terrible at taking photos of myself, especially when compared to all those legit fashion bloggers out there (hello, major intimidation factor). But – join along on Instagram and I’ll try to be better at posting shots of my outfit-of-the-day. I’ll file it under #pencilshavingsgetsdressed and tag yourself along with it too!

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