Day trip to Carlton Landing with Dad

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Last week, I got a wild hair to take a daytrip with my parents down to Carlton Landing so I could also drop off a bunch of things I’ve been collecting to take down there. I just couldn’t wait any longer to get down to the house! Three months is way too long. And with the weather being as pretty as it’s been, I knew it’d make for a great day.

In the end, Mom stayed home but my Dad and I had a special day trip with Archer, all to ourselves. My parents haven’t been able to get down to Carlton Landing yet, and it thrilled me to pieces to get to show it off. I loaded up the car with all the decor stuff plus all the baby paraphernalia (because hello – always plan for World War 3) as well as 8 chicken biscuits from Chick-filA (breakfast for my parents and my brother’s family who spent the night at their house). We jetted on down and got there in time to have lunch at the new general store.


One happy surprise was finding this painting waiting for me in the house!  Kristy Gammill  led a painting workshop awhile back and left it for me. Wasn’t that sweet? Love the color. 2015-03-26-14.59.13 My dad helped me hang up these prints that I designed in collaboration with SnapBox – this is just a sneak preview! I LOVE how they turned out.

2015-03-26-15.02.33 2015-03-26-15.02.46 So much has changed just in the three months that we’ve been gone. The dock has expanded and it seems like a ton of new houses are going in.  Check out this house going up on the main boulevard. That cupola at the top is insane. I’ll bet the view is fabulous.

2015-03-26 14.45.38

Oh! And the lights have been hung on our little intersection – I’ll bet it’s absolutely dreamy at night. We really needed the light out there as it gets totally pitch black. It makes for some fantastic star gazing like you’ve never seen, but it’ll be nice to be able to see where we’re going now. 🙂2015-03-26 14.48.53 2015-03-26 15.00.59 Finally, a last selfie at the overlook before we headed back to OKC.  Love my Dad so much!


2015-03-26 15.08.15 2015-03-26 15.07.31


We got back into OKC in time for me to meet Jude for dinner downtown. Doesn’t he look proud pushing the stroller?

2015-03-26 19.03.36

with love,

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