Archer: Two Months Old


Two months have blown by in a flash and all of a sudden this newborn baby is not so tiny anymore. Which makes me wanna cry too!  These photos make me laugh; he’s sobbing in almost all of them except the ones where he’s just finished his bottle of the moment or when he’s in the swing, which is pretty much status quo. He’s not fussy or colicky overall and is pretty much an easy baby, but the past couple of weeks have been a little rockier than normal. BUT! We’ve finally gotten a routine down and he’s sleeping 6 hours a stretch at night.Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

In many ways, it’s like I’m a rookie mom all over again. There’s been a handful of things I’ve completely forgotten about having an infant. For example: a couple of weeks ago on a snowy and extremely cold Sunday, we walked around the mall after going to lunch. And all of a sudden, the baby exploded in a loud torrent of juicy sounds emanating from the southern region of his tiny precious body. Exploded like the fourth of July.  Jude’s eyes got great big. “NOT IN THE MALL,” he hissed. And so I left Simon and Jude sitting in the lingerie department at Dillard’s on red upholstered chairs while I blithely pushed the baby into the women’s restroom to fix the offending odor.  Into the stall we went and I laid him carefully on the changing table and then he started SCREAMING like he has never screamed before. When I finally got his outfit unsnapped, poop was everywhere. All over his clothes. And naturally, being a somewhat-rookie, I didn’t have a spare outfit for him. Of course I didn’t. On the snowiest, coldest day of the year. gahhh.

So there I was, sweating bullets in the bathroom with the screaming naked baby. Thank goodness for the swaddle blanket I had to wrap him up in. And twenty minutes(!) later when I finally came out of the bathroom, Simon and Jude sat there waiting. “Was it bad?” they whispered.

OH yes. So so bad.  Although a very effective way to ensure an immediate purchase of new clothes, is it not? HA!

happy on boppy

archer swing 1baby-feet


Loves: being tightly swaddled, bathtime, the swing, and milk milk milk. Did I mention milk?

Hates: being strapped into the carseat (errrrtime), having his diaper changed, nudity, hiccups, sleeping in his own bed, carpool pickup in the afternoon for Jude (WAHHHHHHH)

Nicknames: Tooty (gassiest baby I’ve ever seen) haha


I can’t tell you how much this baby thrills me. I really feel like I’ve never been happier. It’s postpartum euphoria! Every little baby sigh, coo, and glance is heaven. I’m obsessed with sweet little baby clothes – I think I’ve really missed having a little to dress ever since Jude got to be school age and only wears uniforms anymore.

A few notes on Archer’s anchor ensemble in these pix. Sammy & Nat graciously sent us this precious anchor romper (comes in hot pink too!) and a baby blue onesie. It’s the softest pima cotton – I told Samantha I wanted a teeshirt for me made of it too! Samantha left her job in the fashion industry to start her very own line; if you like the softness and quality of lines like Kissy Kissy, this will be right up your alley. Sammy & Nat wants to give my readers 20% off any order with PENCILSHAVINGS as the promo code. Starts Monday 3/16 at 8am EST and will last one full week until 3/22 at 8am. 2015-03-12-12.12.05cropped-sammy-nat-styled

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