Carlton Landing: Update on Renting Our House, etc.

Our House

Heavenly Carlton Landing, on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma - www.pencilshavingsstudio.comIt’s now been three months since we’ve been to our house at Carlton Landing (sob!) and now that spring is in the air, I’m getting more and more excited about getting back there more regularly.

I have a stash of things to take down when we go for Easter weekend. A pair of Nest thermostats (do you have one? we LOVE ours in the OKC house), my Hudson Bay Company point blanket (merry Christmas to me from Simon!), and loads of artwork for the bedrooms including this USA print I found at Brickyard Buffalo by These Are Things ($15!!!).  It was such a steal – it looks like it’s not available anymore, but they have some other gorgeous prints. I couldn’t pass it up for only $15.

USA print by These Are Things at Pencil Shavings Studio

Additionally I have my eye on a few things we need to purchase for the house. I love the giant stripe Land of Nod rug that we had in the living room, but since it was cotton it absorbed a lot of dirt really quickly, so we cleaned it and brought it back to OKC for the baby’s room where it doesn’t come into contact with as much dirt and dust (thanks, Oklahoma wind!). In our house in OKC we have an indoor/outdoor Dash & Albert rug that is a total workhorse. I cannot believe how easy the thing is to clean. Kids and dogs are tracking in mud nonstop and it cleans up in a jiffy. Practically indestructible and soft, to boot. So I’m thinking we need one of those for the lake house. We’re also going to need to get a coffee table at some point, but I haven’t stumbled on something that I absolutely love yet.


A few have asked about the state of the rental program for our house. The house is available to rent by calling the Carlton Landing vacation team at 866.590.8407 and asking for the Shingleton cottage.  Rates fluctuate according to season and are set by the management company.


The new Boulevard General Store opened up a few months back and we are so thrilled to have them. It’s the perfect spot to grab a sandwich or breakfast, as well as a gallon of milk and other provisions. It definitely saves us a trip into Eufaula. They’re also offering golf cart rentals and grocery service.

The community-wide Easter egg hunt will take place on on Sunday, March 29th.

The Carlton Landing farm is now headed up by the team responsible for Ludivine in OKC. They’re planning tons of amazing events and will also be taking over Bud’s food truck!

Did you hear? Outstanding in the Field is coming to CL in October. I think it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous and the weather will be perfection. Definitely grab tickets for this as it’s a one of a kind experience.


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