Signature Style: Creating a consistent color palette for your home


Continuing in the series on signature style, let’s talk about creating a consistent color palette for your house. When I was a renter, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on my own real space that I could paint to my heart’s content. In the meantime I was stuck with boring beige walls that didn’t ring true to my own style.

But once I was let free when Simon and I moved into our first house together, watch out! It was a wackadoo mishmash of whatever struck my/our fancy, and the result was far from cohesive.

However. The one room in the house that I loved the most was the one painted a delicious Tiffany blue in – get this – the late 1960s and had never been changed. In fact, at some point I think every room in that house was painted that color as we found evidence of it everywhere. And it made me deliriously happy. So much so that it was the same signature color I used in our wedding.

Once we moved into our current home, I immediately began the hunt for the perfect shade of pale aqua to paint the formal living room. It felt like a beautiful Easter egg the way the light flowed into the room and bounced off the walls.

Oomph Tini Table Knockoff -- www.pencilshavingsstudio.comall white kitchen with saarinen table and tolix chairs

Overall the goal with this house was to have a much more consistent color palette. And so far we’ve managed to do that. By sticking with a few signature shades and purchasing items that flow within that palette, everything can be mixed and matched accordingly or rearranged to go in another room.

living-room-at-an-angle Living-Room


Start by picking out one to three colors that you love. You’ll need a neutral (white is my favorite) to ground everything consistently. You might use these as trim, cabinetry, or even walls. Additionally, I use a lot of navy and my favorite beloved aqua.   You might be inspired to pick your primary signature colors through art, fabric (the most common), or other ephemera.  What is it that you love most about the inspiration? Make sure it’s something that really speaks to you because that’s going to keep you on track for the long haul look of your home.


  1.   navy
  2.   white
  3.   aqua

Then I add in my accent colors — these are colors that I don’t necessarily want to commit to full time. For example, I absolutely love hot pink, but I know I can’t get away with using it a ton in a house full of boys. But pops of it here and there on blankets or throw pillows are small  and budget-friendly enough that the guys can deal with it.  These accent colors could also be something trendier, like a metallic or something more bold like neon.


  1.   bright red
  2.   cornflower blue
  3.   hot pink
  4.   pistachio

Look for interesting accessories in your chosen accent colors. This is where you get to have the most fun and add a whole lot of personality to your space.

eat-sign-3 20120410-e354h468pixwk4h46ufe5fq2i8.medium

Do you struggle with maintaining consistency at home? I’d love to hear about it — comment away!

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