Carlton Landing: paint is done, now on to floors



Nautical navymodern farm house at #carltonlanding

Apologies in advance for the overabundance of lake house posts, but it’s kind of a big deal over here in our lives right now! Plus I know I’ll look back someday on all of these photos and remember the process. So humor me. 🙂



Bright aqua door on modern farm house at #carltonlanding

Last weekend we made a super fast trip to Carlton Landing to have a design consult about our house. We stayed in the coolest little guest cottage  with the most unusual floorplan

– all the bedrooms were on the ground floor and the upstairs housed the kitchen and living room with a stellar balcony and fun little loft bedroom. A gigantic balcony looks over Firefly Park. And in the backyard resides a truly gorgeous pool with another little guest house. Fun, right?

Carlton Landing -



I get asked often about how to rent a cottage at CL. The best way is to call Steve at 888.619.1889 and chitchat about when you’d like to go check it out.baker-house

Our house has made some progress since our last visit. All of the painting has been done, and it’s finally starting to look like a real house!

checklist-of-things-to-do  landing

The biggest thing I’m working on right now are light fixture choices.  The only one I’m stumped on is in the stairwell. There’s room for two hanging lights of some kind.


There will also be two pendants over the kitchen island. And there’s room for either a pendant or a fan in the space surrounding the loft.

pocket-door-in-kitchen view-up-to-the-loft

The banisters on the railing of the loft show what the wood floors are going to be stained like. I cannot even wait to see what they look like all finished!railing


Everything was so clean and bright with all that fresh white paint. The house gets a ridiculous amount of light all day long. SO SO HAPPY.white-living-room



Especially this eastern facing window in the upstairs bedroom. I love that we have a view of the lake (at least for now).


Progress is happening! Can’t wait to see all the tile and flooring go in next.

Got any lighting recommendations for me?



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  • Brittney Orr

    Don’t apologize, I love your lake house posts! I am dying to have a girls retreat at CL. It is sooo charming! I cant wait to see what you come up with for the decor!!

  • neallivingston

    AH-mazing! Keep sharing!

  • Chelsi Krause

    I’ve followed the Young House Love blog for a long time, and love their lighting collection!

  • Ferfer5921

    Love these posts! Keep them coming! I dream of a home at Carlton Landing, but will have to settle for renting a few times/year:) will you be renting yours in the future?

    • That’s the eventual plan – I don’t have a solid date on when we’ll be opening it up to rent.

      • Madeline Barker Mai

        Hi Rachel – fellow design aficionado here! My in-laws live at Carlton Landing – look out for Chuck and Nancy Mai 🙂 My husband and I have been looking at places there and would definitely rent it out through AirBnB if we ended up biting the bullet. Something for you guys to think about once you’re all settled. Can’t wait to see what you do with the place! Hope to see you there this summer. Cheers, Madeline

        • Thanks so much for commenting!! How awesome that your ILs are there in CL. Can’t wait to meet them – which houses have you been looking at there?

          • Madeline Barker Mai

            The Kiowa and the Atoka – not too seriously yet but maybe after I finish grad school next year 🙂

  • Mel

    I started to read your blog after your feature on Design Mom. I love School House Electric and Barn Light Electric for lighting sources. 🙂

    • I love Schoolhouse too, but hadn’t heard of Barn Light Electric! Thanks for the tips! xoxo

      • Mel

        We built a full time house very much like what you’re building, alas, after only 11 months we did a career relocation and had to sell. I used many lights from Barn Light’s clearance and discount sections, so def worth a look. Don’t forget Ikea! You can hardwire any of their plug in pendants!
        I’m ready to pack up and move permanently to Carlton Landing, after your posts! I’ve seriously sent my husband all your links. Lol. We love Rosemary Beach, so no wonder this tugs at my heart strings. I’m an American married to a Canadian, so the pull back home is always strong. Loving living vicariously through your posts. Have fun with the process!

  • Danielle

    what color is the exterior blue siding?