So I guess we’re buying a house at the lake

Our House

Adair Cottage at Carlton Landing on the boardwalk

Remember last November when we went to Seaside-esque Carlton Landing for a weekend? We kind of fell in love with a house there, if you recall. And for a few months now we’ve been dreaming, number crunching, and planning which has finally led to a rather big decision for us.

We pulled the trigger on buying the lovely little Adair cottage in Carlton Landing over the weekend! Back at New Year’s we went back down because the little white house next door to the Adair (pictured below) has gone up for sale (and OMG it is a DOLL HOUSE! Somebody needs to go buy it!) . We hemmed, we hawed, we bit our nails in frustration. I remember as we drove away from Carlton Landing that weekend on our way to Dallas that I wished we could forgo Dallas and just stay there for the weekend.  In short, we were in luv.


But we had really fallen in love with the Adair house (originally painted yellow and green if you’ll recall from that gorgeous fall day). Over this past weekend we went down on the dreariest coldest day ever to give it one last once-over and put the wheels in motion to buy it. Luckily it got a fresh coat of paint (SO much better than the yellow and green) and we’re also able to get in early enough to make some design decisions on it that we might not have gotten to otherwise. So let’s take a little tour!


The home has a pair of French doors on either side of the front windows and you enter into the combined living room/kitchen area. To the right is the stairs and the powder bath, with a closet on the landing. To the left is a door to the side yard and the pantry. The kitchen will have marble countertops with white cabinets and an area for barstools.  The whole house is being painted Benjamin Moore’s Decorator White. The flooring will be all bleached wood and OMG it is faaaabulous. Carpet upstairs in the bedrooms but more on that in a momento.


The living area needs to do double duty as both dining room and living room. (I’m envisioning a Parsons style table with these chairs.)  And with all the white walls, I’m thinking we’ll do navy and bright yellow accents in the living room.




Maybe my favorite part is the way the living room opens  to above to the upstairs loft off of the bedrooms. Would you not have died as a kid to have such a fun space? I just love all of the light (even though all the windows were covered this particular day due to the painters).


Ok, let’s go upstairs! The shipslap walls were just put in and will also be painted decorator’s white (so they’ll look like this!). I am CRAZY EXCITED about this as I am totally in love with the look.


The shipslap extends upstairs onto the landing and into the full bathroom. There’s also a laundry room that opens up onto the landing as well (opening up kind of like this). Again, lots and lots of windows everywhere (which is going to suck to have to cover – kaching).



The two bedrooms upstairs are pretty much identical. Little built-in cubbies and three windows – one room faces west, the other east.



And each bedroom has a door out onto the loft area, where we will be putting  a day bed. Won’t it be dreamy?


I’m getting really excited about the plans we’re making to decorate this house! The painting is getting wrapped up and the floors are going in soon – and it will be available as a vacation rental hopefully this summer. But more on that as info becomes available.  In the meantime, check out my Pinterest board where I’m pulling all my favorite inspiration photos together!

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