Pencil Shavings Studio & Mane Message

Not too long after opening my Etsy shop, I stumbled on Olivia Hayward’s shop called Mane Message. Her colorful collections of hand-dyed hair ties were right up my alley, and I ordered immediately. And then I ordered some more.  Now here we are 3 years later and we’re not only Etsy friends but we’re also collaborators. Back in June, we met up in Dallas and conspired together to create a dream collaboration. She’d found a manufacturer who’d print hair ties for her, and I was thrilled to pieces to get to design such a fun item.  So I’m happy to introduce Pencil Shavings Studio for Mane Message, a fabulously colorful set of hair ties and headbands, now available in both of our shops!

2013-09-25 13.47.21

Hair stuff is right up my alley – did you know that the #1 most viewed post here is on how to survive growing out your hair? Crazy, right? So this really was an ideal pairing for the both of us.


We’ve got three different sets of the hair ties mixed-and-matched with solid complimentary colors, and then the headband set. Check ’em all out in the shop! They start shipping next week.


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