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This week has been jam-packed with work projects galore. In addition to launching the Mane Message collaboration there’s been other things like wrapping up my Alt for Everyone presentation (happening today!!), filling orders, and general mayhem.  Oh, and don’t forget – you still have a little time left to enter the awesome giveaway at my guest post for Pine Cone Hill!

In other news, Jude has decided he wants an Angry Birds Star Wars party. ::smacks forehead:: He’s kinda obsessed with the game (yes, there is an oh-so-weird Angry Birds & Star Wars mashup game). I have zero idea on this party, but I know I want it to be fun for him and his little friends.  So I introduced him to Pinterest, and we spent an hour looking up ideas the other night.  I showed him how to hit the “like” button, and somehow in his head he believed that meant we were actually ordering all those things. Riiiight, kid. He asked me last night when all the things he’s ordered are going to show up for his party. Ummm, time for a reality check, child!  I cracked up yesterday when I looked through my likes on Pinterest. He apparently also went on a pirate pinning rampage with Simon the other night while I was out to dinner with girlfriends.

Elsewhere this week:

I was featured at Amy Christie’s blog This Heart of Mine. I LOVE the photos she shot of a few of my products.

House of Brinson’s photo styling class last night at Alt for Everyone rocked my world in a great way.

How cute are these business cards by new friend Joy at  Frock Files

I bought this button-down from C.Wonder in NYC last week, and now I wish I’d bought all 3 colors.

Hollywood Housewife’s post on going to therapy is spot-on. I can completely relate to the part where she says like she felt she was cracked wide open after her first few sessions.

I love that Mrs Lilien is obsessed with laundry.

World’s most perfect bangs.

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