Hello, all my lovely readers in blogland! I feel like I’m showing up on the first day of school, and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen all my friends. I had all these awesome intentions of blogging last week, but then life happened.  The older I get, the more energy it takes for me to get back in the swing of things. In addition to the Pikes Peak of Laundry I had to tackle, I spent last week working on business stuff, mostly filling orders and planning new Pencil Shavings Studio goodies. After all the goodness of Stationery Academy and then the quick turnaround to Colorado for our family vacation, I felt like I’d barely had the time to absorb all the great ideas I was percolating.

So. Now I’m back and you can get excited about all the fun stuff to come!  But first, I wanted to show you some of the highlights from our little trip to CO.


We spent the first couple of days in Denver; we had such a great time there last year, thanks to all of Pippin & Pearl’s awesome suggestions. We had to hit up Steuben’s and Snooze again  because frankly, they are just that good. And we loooove local food! Little Man Ice Cream was also another must-see, followed up by a dip in the river.



We spent the rest of our time in Breckenridge. Last year, after spending a day up in the mountains (where I was woefully underprepared for mountain living), we decided it would be fun to spend the majority of our time doing fun outdoorsy things. Because we are SO OUTDOORSY. Or, rather, shall I say, we are trying to find our outdoorsy selves. I think it’s hard here in Oklahoma what with it being flat and, oh, you know, 113 degrees.


We got the cutest little vacation rental from and could not have been happier. It had 2 full bathrooms and a loft up those stairs where Jude slept every night. We were downstairs in another bedroom. When we travel w/ J, we really prefer having more space than just a hotel room, and more often than not we can find a great rental for less than we’d pay for a hotel suite.


Oh, time for a special travel trip, courtesy of yours truly. If you should forget your toiletries in the upstairs bathroom, do not – I repeat, DO NOT – wear slippery socks as you come down the spiral staircase. You WILL FALL DOWN ON YOUR BOOTY AND GIVE YOURSELF A BRUISE THE SHAPE OF A CRESCENT MOON. You will ALSO give your husband a premature heart attack as you scream all the way down.

You’re welcome.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on to Injury #2 of the day.

We spent an entire day up on the mountain doing fun things like alpine slides and pony rides and the like. I was admittedly freaked out about riding an open ski lift with my child (no, this is not where Injury No. 2 happens) but being the daredevil that he is, Jude was unfazed.



See how the precious angel was so tired by the end of the day when we went to the top of the mountain? yup. Exhausted. Begging to be held and carried. And me, being the mother that I am, said, “Okay, baby boy, let mommy carry you down the mountain.”

Which was all good and well until 2 minutes later when I promptly twisted my ankle and both Jude and I came tumbling down.  Thankfully Jude was completely unhurt as I had him in a death grip, but my ankle, on the other hand — well, not so much. I sprained it pretty good and it swelled up to the size of a lemon. I sucked it up and hobbled down to the ski lift and on we went with the day. But it did put a crimp (errrr, a sprain?) on the rest of the trip. Jude and Simon went out hiking and did all kinda of fun stuff that I wanted to participate in.


We also spent a day driving on the scenic route to Aspen. Aspen was ridiculously charming and that’s definitely a town I’d like to return to.  We also enjoyed scenic views as we made hairpin turns through the Independence Pass.


So now, here are at home, and I’m still recuperating from the dang sprain. The ankle is less swollen but now my foot’s all purple. oh, not to mention the delightful crescent moon bruise on my bee-hind.  But all’s well that, uhh, ends well.  And at least this year I wasn’t wearing boat shoes on the mountain. 😉

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