Greetings from Denver, darlings!  The mister and I have taken the opportunity to take a little vacation with Jude the Dude.  Southwest ran a terrific fare sale from OKC a few weeks back, and we hopped on the bandwagon. I’m all about a nonstop flight (which is hard to find out of OKC).

Jude is living the dream here, begging to go “climb mountains.”  So far, though, we’ve managed to sneak in a few fab meals, such as breakfast at Snooze as well as the uber-fabulous Steuben’s (more on that in a moment).

Snooze was a must-see (and must-eat) and I was super thankful for the rec from my friend Erin.  It was a long wait, but in the end, it was totally worth it. Plus, any place that offers free coffee and tons of sidewalk chalk outside for the kiddos to play with to pass the time earns big points in my book. I had the pancake flight: choose any 3 of their fabulous pancake offerings. Pineapple upside-down pancakes, anyone? I chose the blue corn, sweet potato, and lemon blueberry pancakes.

(image from Snooze)

Then it was off to the hotel to get oriented as well as cruising around the neighborhoods. Jude was delighted at Confluence Park and the equally impressive REI flagship.





But it was suppertime, and so again, with Erin’s recommendation, we hit Steuben’s.  And wowza – what a great experience! Definitely hit this place up if you’re in Denver. Smart takes on American classics in a cool environment that strikes the right chord between hip but not too full of themselves. Family friendly but still the kind of place you’d want to go if you weren’t with your kids.





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