Around Town

on the river in denver

I love stumbling on little hidden gems, like this adorable ice cream shop, Little Man Ice Cream. I mean, c’mon – it just doesn’t get any better than this. Homemade ice cream and gelato are their specialties and after a yummy pizza supper at Proto’s, it’s an easy walk up the hill. I indulged in the caramel popcorn and it was delish.

PLUS! Anybody over the age of 25 will understand the nostalgia of an old-school metal playground slide. Do they even make these anymore? Will kids of the future understand that feeling of sliding down a metal slide in the heat of summer and that fast burn up the back of your legs? And the haste of which you hop up off the slide to not burn yourself further?


Afterwards, an after-dinner stroll along into the park by LoDo and down to the river.




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