Colorado Springs



Our last day in Colorado, we went down to Colorado Springs.  I had fun memories of family vacations there as a kid, and I thought Jude would enjoy a couple of things there.  Our first stop was the Garden of the Gods.  Nice and hot, but we enjoyed climbing around on the trails and finding lizards scuttling around.

garden of the gods1







After lunch in quirky Manitou Springs, we followed the Pike’s Peak highway up to the summit.  All I could notice as we got higher and higher was the distinct lack of guardrails along the hairpin turns.

hairpin turns

Pikes Peak Highway


The clouds were magnificent as the thunderstorms moved in.  Actually, we were so high that the thunderstorms were below us.


cog railroad

This is what Jude saw at Pike’s Peak.



I couldn’t handle walking around for more than 10 minutes at the summit – the air was so thin.  When I stumbled back to the car and sat down, Simon was all, “What’s the matter with you?”  Then after he came back from exploring, he said he got it. However, the thin air must have done something to him, because he came back with a bag full of Pike’s Peak donuts. Nice!donuts


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Now we’re back home in OKC and seriously jonesing for Colorado.  HURRY UP, FALL!

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