We are SO outdoorsy

I think the last word that would ever be used to describe me is athletic.  Outdoorsy is maybe the second-to-last.  But that said, I do like being outdoors. I just don’t like being outdoors in Oklahoma where it’s 113 degrees (for realz, y’all – it’s truly that hot).  But when I get to a gorgeous place like Colorado ( or SoCal), it’s easy to see why so many people are athletic & spending a ton of time outdoors.

Jude is in outdoors heaven. The poor kid has been trapped inside almost all summer long due to Heat Dome 2011. It’s like reverse winter: in February, it was so cold that we couldn’t let him go outside. Now it’s so hot, it’s the same story.  Anyway, he’s living the dream here, running and playing and talking about “climbing the mountains, Mom!”


On Monday we drove out to Red Rocks Park and saw the famous amphitheatre. Can I just tell you that I nearly died walking from waaaaay down below just to get to the base of the amphitheatre? And then nearly died again as we hauled it to the top? But wow – the view was totally worth it.  The sun was totally roasting hot on us as we ambled around the amphitheatre and on the way down, Simon shed his shirt (lucky – boys have all the luck) and Jude decided he needed to do the same.



Photo of me, nearly dead.



Photo of Jude, right before he attempted to send his tshirt sailing over the rocks. I think they heard us scream “NOOOOOO!” out in Denver.IMG_3040

As I had gotten dressed that morning in my gingham shirt, metallic Sperry boat shoes and rolled up jeans, Simon looked at me and said, “Aren’t you going to be, um, hot? Don’t you think you might be comfier wearing shorts?” I looked at him and said, “Crazy, I have all of two pairs of shorts, both of which you call my ‘booty shorts’ and/or sometimes ‘boudoir shorts’.  So do you think that I even bothered to pack them?!” Heck no! So, yes, in the morning, I was roasting hot miserable. There was even an emergency attempt to purchase shorts at Old Navy, which was futile. But, as we headed off into the mountains towards Vail, the temperature dropped from 90 degrees to 60, and we were all, “OMG, we remember what this weather feels like.”

Vail was stunningly beautiful and we remarked how much we’d love to return.  Now, wouldn’t you know that it started to pour rain the minute we got there.  All of a sudden, I was suddenly grateful for my longish sleeves and jeans. The enclosed gondolas were running, so we hopped one of those and headed up the mountain at Lionshead.  By the time we got to the top, the rain stopped and it was beautiful again.




Uhhh, yeah. So, um, who was so not prepared to be hiking in the mountains? Blondie with the gold BOAT SHOES AND THE LOUIS VUITTON.

Told ya I’m not outdoorsy.  I so don’t have the wardrobe for this kind of stuff.  :-




Jude is still talking about the gondola.  Love that little strawberry head.







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