A Downtown Date with J

Monday, Jude and I had a little date in downtown Oklahoma City. Come with us as we explore some of our favorite spots in our fun city.

My personal caffeine of choice – when not drinking my most beloved iced tea – is a latte or cappuccino from Elemental.  Did you know you can have authentic French crepes there on Sunday? Yup. True story.

After properly caffeinating ourselves me, we were off to the Myriad Gardens. Simon and I were remarking the other day that the timing is absolutely perfect for OKC to be the center of attention during the NBA Finals.  Oklahoma City has never looked so good as it does now that the Devon tower is completed and the surrounding area continues to undergo its renaissance.  I have to admit – I haven’t always loved Oklahoma. But things are turning around. We’re pursuing excellent things. We’re not settling for so-so; we’re pushing through for, well, awesomeness.

Oh, my boy. My darling, funny 4 year old boy. He’s loving the water features in the park; I wish the main thunderstorm water feature had been working, because it’s pretty spectacular. Apparently it’s down for maintenance for a brief while.

After a quick dash through the fountains, it was time for lunch. Jude requested Kaiser’s and it didn’t take much arm-twisting to get me to agree. The vintage styling gets me every. single. time.  So does the salted caramel sundae.

One of the guys behind the counter kindly gave Jude a cup full of Sweetheart Smarties. J enjoyed asking me what all the words were.  “Wait, why does it say ‘Maybe’ on it?”

“Uhhh …. ask your father.”

I gotta say, though – definitely not cool having that ginormous scale there in the middle of the restaurant. The ice cream in my belly just wants to wallow in peace, thankyouverymuch.