Fun for the Fourth


I hope that wherever you are, you are swimming with your loved ones, eating lots of watermelon, and possibly watching fireworks.  We’re taking it easy here, and enjoying just being together.


Yesterday we participated in my most favorite holiday tradition in our neighborhood – the annual 4th of July parade (see previous years here, here,  and here). It really doesn’t get better than an old-fashioned Americana parade with homemade floats and little kids on their bicycles. We were lucky to have 3 of my nephews with us, and so the littlest 2 boys (Jude and Luke) rode around on Jude’s Escalade. Undecorated, of course, because I completely dropped the ball.


My only complaint about the parade is that it’s a mile from start to finish. A loooong hot mile. So I had a sinking suspicion that the Power Wheels Escalade was not going to survive the entire mile long stretch. So Matthew went with Luke and Jude and Ben and I hopped in the car to sit about 1/3 of the way on the parade route to make sure there were no issues. For the first 1/3, they were ok. But by the second third, Matthew was pushing the Escalade. That was not going to work, so we put the Escalade in the back of the car and went on our merry way to the park where they always serve watermelon and have a band playing. Oh, and this year’s added bonus was Roxy’s Ice Cream truck. Ice cream for breakfast? WHY NOT.


As we left the parade, I stopped to take a quick shot of this original Mini Cooper – complete with driver’s seat on the right side. LOVE.



After completely punking out and falling asleep at 9:30, Simon and I had a little impromptu date this morning at Kitchen 324. The rest of the weekend remains to be seen, but in the meantime we’re happy, full, and have faint tans. Summer in full bloom.


Happy weekend, everyone —

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