Meet Nickels, the newest member of the family

We have a fabulous introduction to make to you today – the newest member of our family. He’s ten weeks old and the cutest little nugget you ever did see.

Meet Nickels, our precious little Chihuahua puppy.


Growing up, my family had a Chihuahua named Mazie; she came to live with Simon and I when we were newlyweds. Sadly she passed away just a few days after we moved into this house when Jude was a baby. She was like my firstborn – I was devastated when she died and I’ve missed having a little dog ever since.  Jude, naturally, is madly in love with all dogs everywhere, and he’s begged us for years to get one. So being the surprise makers that we are, Simon and I decided to take him on a little roadtrip to go pick up the Chihuahua we had picked out for our family as an early birthday present.


We drove about 3 hours to eastern Oklahoma, southwest of Siloam Springs, and Jude was completely unaware of what we were up to. We drive down a dirt road, and he realized something was up when we pulled into the driveway of a pretty little farm. We walked in the door and he grinned ear to ear when he saw the Chihuahua puppies. I had chosen the little gray one to be ours; my mom had fallen in love over the internet with Nickels’ brother, a precious tiny little brown Chihuahua. She didn’t know it, but Dad had called me as we were on our way and told me to get both puppies so he could surprise Mom with the brown one!  Jude was in shock that we weren’t only taking our puppy, but the other one, too.

So there we were, two adults, one child, and two tiny wriggling Chihuahua puppies. We realized we might have been outnumbered – not to mention outsmarted – when we stopped to let the puppies go to the bathroom in a grassy area, and then we couldn’t wrangle them back. They thought it was HILARIOUS to make us run after them.

chihuahua-hunting double-trouble



Only a few hours later we were back in Oklahoma City and introducing Mom to her new puppy.

I mean c’mon – can you even stand all this puppy cuteness?!?!!



We spent all weekend snuggling, playing, and taking the dog outside nonstop. It was just like having a new baby – especially at night when he cried. 🙁


I don’t know if you can tell from these photos, but Jude is kind of in love.


The faces of this child. I just can’t handle it.


He’s already read books to/with the dog, watched a few movies, dressed him up in the cutest shirt ever (thanks Rita and Paige!), and lavished the dog in kisses. But my favorite part was the first night when he sang bedtime songs to Nickels as we put him in his little bed. MELT ME TO PIECES.

reading rachel-and-nickels

Here’s to plenty more adventures with Nickels, and of course with his brother Chip. We reunited them yesterday for a playdate at my parents’ house and they happily frolicked all over the kitchen. I’m pretty sure everybody’s heads exploded from the cuteness. I JUST CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE CUTE!


Let the memories begin!


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