Our Father’s Day Weekend

Did you have a happy fathers’ day weekend? We did – it was nice and relaxing. Just the way I like it!  Well, except for the heart attack-inducing OKC Thunder games.   I came back from my run on Friday night and found the two boys all snug in the big bed, each with their own reading material of choice. I think my heart busted into a billion little pieces. Delicious.

For Father’s Day, I commissioned the divine Erin Cooper to do a custom painting for S. Didn’t it turn out fantastic? You can have one too, you  know!  Right after our Father’s Day lunch w/ the Shingleton clan on Saturday, I snuck away to pick it up from her. I wish I had a whole house full of her paintings. They’re that gorgeous.

Did you know that they still make Teddy Ruxpin? Yup – Jude has one of his very own that he recently rediscovered. He likes to buckle Teddy into his very own seat in the car and whisper sweet nothings into his ear. I think Teddy Ruxpin was one of my most favorite birthday presents as a child, so I can totally relate.  I still haven’t put one of the cassette tapes into him to make him talk. Jude will lose his mind when that happens!

This was also a weekend for shipping orders and photographing new products for the shop. Oh, and to answer a FAQ – yes, I can definitely do reader cases for Kindle and Nook. You can email me for details or convo me at Etsy.   Oh, did you know that we’re under 100 followers from having 1000 fans at Facebook? That’s crazy! I think we need to celebrate in some way when that happens, don’t you?

Finally, we enjoyed a lazy Sunday out at my parents’ house after church. There was eating, swimming, and Thundering.   In that order.

How was your Father’s Day weekend?


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