Pins and Needles

Simon and I enjoy watching stuff on HGTV, particularly House Hunters, where they follow a couple and their realtor as they check out three potential homes, and then decide which one they want to buy (always the third one, btw). Then, at the end of the show, the inevitably awkward couple who are very aware of the cameras the entire time are shown in a domestic setting, such as reading the paper, or working in the yard, when the phone rings. This is the scene when the realtor calls to let them know that they got the house. It’s so totally fake, and we just crack up. 

Last night, we were sitting at the dinner table when it dawned on me. This was the perfect House Hunters setting. The sellers of the house we want to buy should so call right now! I mentioned as much to Simon and we had a good laugh. Alas, the phone did not ring.
But it did this morning. 
Are you in suspense yet? 
Because Jude is. Check out his face —

You’re not going to believe it — we got the house! Heck, we can hardly believe it! It’s a gorgeous little doll house, and we just feel so blessed. We know that God had His hand on all of this, and this is part of His plan. More later …