Sweet of the Week: Lemon Tassies

Mmmm, so remember that Martha Stewart Cookies book I received for my birthday? It was taken out for a test drive today. Because really, there’s nothing better to do on a day  of nervous energy when you’re waiting to see if the counter offer you sent to the homeseller of the new house you’d like to buy will actually be acceptable or not. Or, as Simon said, “if they will even dignify that with a response.” But more on that later, ok?

Mmmm, butter.
It was a surprisingly easy recipe (thank you, Martha!), although I was a bit concerned that I had overprocessed the dough for the crust. And admittedly, mine are much larger and un peu, shall we say, rustic than Martha’s. But oh well, more to love, right? Ahem.
ready for the fire
Anyhow, they really are delicious. Despite my concern over the crust, the lemon tassies are basically like petite lemon cheesecakes. And what’s not to love about that? Oh, and FYI, if you are like me and are experiencing (1) nervous energy about house-buying and (2) mommy brain that refuses to go away, and you disregard the instructions in the recipe about the crust fully cooling before adding the lemon mixture, it will be okay. They’ll still turn out delicious.

Eat me.
So back to this housebuying business. We went for one final glance at the house on Sunday afternoon before submitting our offer yesterday. Unbeknownst to us, it was open from 2 to 4, so we went in and perused it again. It’s funny, every other person that I saw walk in that house, it was like I wanted to throw myself down in the front yard in their way and bar them from walking in the door. As if I didn’t want them to see how absolutely fabulous and gorgeous it was, because in my mind, it is so great that of course they would want to put an offer in on the spot. Before we could. Maybe it’s the eBay-er in me. Like I want to get my bid in, you know? Or use the Buy-It-Now feature…. Ok, well, maybe we wouldn’t be using BIN. But you get the metaphor.

Oh well. Anxiety. Nothing a little lemon tassie won’t cure.

Recipe here via Martha Stewart