Separation Anxiety

Today was momentous for us in the Shingleton family. It was the first time that Jude has gone to the church nursery instead of just coming with us to Sunday school and “big church” (aka, the service). Because Jude was born 7 weeks premature, as well as the fact that he arrived at the very beginning of cold/flu/RSV season, we’ve had to be vigilant that Jude not be exposed to too many germs. Plus, he’s been receiving the very expensive Synagis shots to help ward off RSV, which can be very deadly for babies, especially premature ones. We’ve worked hard to keep Jude well for the past six months, and it was with great joy that he received his last Synagis shot of the season this past month.

So this morning, we arrived a little bit early to church, and Jude was sound asleep in his carseat. We headed to the nursery and were kindly greeted and we passed him off to the nursery workers.
Let me tell you: it. broke. my. heart. As we left, the nursery lady placed him in the window in the little crib, and there he laid, looking like a little angel, so sweet and perfect. I wanted to go back in and snatch him up and just hold him. I fought off the desire to run and check on him in between Sunday school and the service. And it didn’t help matters much that all our friends looked puzzled when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with the picture of just Simon and I, sans Jude. Then it hit them – “Where’s the baby?!”
I commented to Simon that this was good for Jude, that he was growing up and getting some independence. He looked at me and smiled. “Actually,” he said, “I think this is more about you getting some independence.”
True that. I felt like my right arm had been cut off. What’s going to happen when he goes to school?
Oh, but about the photo – I was delighted to see the little masking tape name badge on his back. It brought back memories of being little and in the church nursery. 🙂