Master Bedroom Update: New Closets!

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Internet, you or may not remember in the past how I talked about our master bedroom closet situation. When we bought the house nearly 10 years ago(!), the original closets had been removed and a new closet added on to the house. But the original closets were these weird little holes just left gaping, kind of like lost teeth. They’ve been this awkward eyesore ever since then that I can’t quite figure out how to resolve. At one point I thought about having built-ins constructed, but that seemed expensive and frankly I never had the energy to pursue it.

So they stayed these awkward little nooks – and we couldn’t open them up all the way between them because that’s where the fireplace is in the family room on the other side. (I have a feeling that was the previous homeowner’s intention, btw, until they figured out that the fireplace was the issue.)

Fast forward to last summer when we started kicking around the idea of moving. When we talked through all the pros and cons, we realized the only thing we would be moving for would be a better master bedroom set up and more storage.

Uhhh, HELLO, DING DONGS. YOU HAVE TWO WHOLE OTHER CLOSETS YOU COULD BE UTILIZING. - Master Bedroom Update - New Metrie doors installed - #whitebedroom #masterbedroom #whitepaintcolors


With that realization, I set about to putting the wheels in motion. Why would we move from an otherwise perfect house when we could easily fix our issues by cleaning out some unwanted stuff, and doubling our storage?*  I’d noticed Metrie’s doors and trim featured in several different One Room Challenge makeovers and so I reached out to them about possibly collaborating on this project as it seemed like a good fit. They happily agreed with the caveat that we’d need to make sure all the doors in the room coordinated, which makes total sense.

*In our marriage, I am the natural born purger and Simon is the natural born hoarder. He does not understand how I can mercilessly clean out my closet and likewise I do not understand how he has hoarded 77 pairs of pants that he mostly does not wear. As we have since learned in many sessions of marriage counseling in our 12 years together, there is nothing wrong with either of these personality manifestations (ahem).  So we compromise: I don’t clean out his stuff and he doesn’t question when I purge.

Metrie creates a variety of gorgeous trims, doors, wainscoting, moulding, and more — and it’s all with a very distinct designer-ly spin. I was attracted to their gorgeous Then & Now Collections and I wanted to honor the traditional bones of our late 1960s house.  While I can’t get enough of the glamourous Fashion Forward line, I felt like the Pretty Simple collection was going to be the best way to go to keep everything consistent with the rest of our house.

We did two pairs of doors for the new closets and our handyman got everything put up in a day for us.  Next week, the painter will come to paint the trim and the doors, and then we’ll get the TV mounted to the wall. - Master Bedroom Update - New Metrie doors installed - #whitebedroom #masterbedroom #whitepaintcolors

But getting those doors into the room made an instant difference. It’s not only brighter (no more dark cave holes to suck up all the light!), but the room feels bigger too. The closet doors are larger than any of the other doors in the room for some reason, and they feel so crazy dramatic now. I’m rubbing my hands in anticipation of what kind of hardware to choose. Lucite? - Master Bedroom Update - New Metrie doors installed - #whitebedroom #masterbedroom #whitepaintcolors

Here’s the door to the bathroom – would you believe we haven’t had an actual closing door to either our bedroom or our bathroom? Sure, they’d stay somewhat closed if you really pushed hard, but for some reason they would never stay latched. NOT ANYMORE! WHEEEEE! TAKE THAT, KIDS WHO LIKE TO BARGE IN ON US WHILE IN VARIOUS STAGES OF UNDRESS. - Master Bedroom Update - New Metrie doors installed - #whitebedroom #masterbedroom #whitepaintcolors

Ok, I’ll have more updates next week after we get the painter in, but I’m already working on how to best organize those closets, since they don’t have any structure inside. Time to get organized!




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