Powder Bathroom Makeover: Before


After ten years (!) of living in this house, I still love it as much as I did when I first saw it that dark February day in 2009. And while we’ve added our own spin to it slowly, we’re down to the final rooms that look just like they did when we moved in.  I’ve unofficially termed 2019 in my mind as The Year of the Bathroom Refresh, and this little powder bath is finally getting its due.

It’s functioned pretty well, but it is located on the opposite side of our laundry room, which irritates me because who wants to pass through someone’s dirty laundry to get to the bathroom? Why would you send guests that way?!  And because it also is the passageway to our garage, it sees plenty of small children coming in and out from playing.  (And thus, it’s been semi-affectionately renamed The PeePee Powder Room — because BOYS. And all their pee.)

This poor bathroom is stuck in late 2000s Ye Olde Worlde Style with its green brocade wallpaper, crystal-laden light fixture, and scrolly demilune sink.  Let us not even mention the fact that it’s also where I’ve been soaking all of Jude’s yucky basketball clothes in Oxiclean in that poor exhausted sink. The toilet paper holder fell off the wall probably 5 years ago. And? Inexplicably this was also where I kept all my pregnancy tests when we were in the throes of trying to get pregnant with Archer. Ummm why? I don’t know.

So. There you go. That’s the before and I know it ain’t pretty, but that’s real life for you.  But! I love a powder bathroom for its ability to be a little jewel box of fun – a place to experiment with color, pattern, and create a little drama and that’s just what we’re going to do over the next couple of weeks.

The inspiration for this bathroom comes from my personal favorite color, blue. And yellow feels so happy and bright right now – maybe it’s the winter doldrums but I need some citrus refresh in my life NOW. I love bringing in some navy and white to accent it all, but overall I want it to feel happy, bold and cheerful. Next week I’ll let you in on my secret vanity resource, and give a few tips on how to measure for wallpaper.

Finally, I’m participating as part of the color-loving Choose Your Own Adventure Refresh, a quickie makeover series with several of my blogger buddies. I promise you won’t lack for colorful inspiration before it’s all said and done.


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