Wood Floors & Art: One Room Challenge Week 4

Two weeks left! Let’s check in on the progress – see week 1, week 2, and the debacle that was week 3.  And yes, thank you for all the comments on the gorgeous sofa. I do absolutely love it in our aqua living room!


The big thing to happen this week was that we pulled the trigger on the wood floors. I’ll admit – this gives me major anxiety, but I’m grateful that Simon spearheaded making it all happen. It may not happen in time for the big ORC reveal on November 9th, but either way I’m happy because it needed to be done. We bought enough to redo all 3 bedrooms upstairs and the living room, but right now we’re only going to do the living room and Jude’s bedroom. I simply don’t have it in me to move absolutely everything out. It’s too hard.

Unfortunately Pergo doesn’t manufacture the color anymore that we used downstairs which left us in a bit of a bind. Simon wanted to maybe do a totally different color but I felt like we needed to keep it continuous, even if it is a totally separate floor. He came up with the total amount he wanted to spend, including install and then he went hunting for floor samples that matched what we already had.

In the end, he found some Mohawk engineered hardwood in almost the identical color – AND it was only $1.25 a square foot, which is a STEAL.  The Pergo stuff is anywhere from $3.50/sf on up, so this was a major bargain. (Installation for flooring like this runs anywhere from $2.50 to $4/sf).

I stuck a sample of it down next to the windowseats, and I cannot wait to get that nasty carpet outta there.



Jude really wants to have some of his jerseys framed, but it’s so crazy cost prohibitive. I wanted to do something that we could easily switch up. He does still love wearing them, so I had the idea of “framing” them on cork boards. I  got these cork boards from Target for $9 apiece and used thumbtacks and dressmaker’s pins to mount them. I’m not quite happy with the final look, though. I think I’ll paint the corkboards to give them a little more contrast and polish.

I made the final decisions on some artwork from Minted, including some fun NYC themed pieces for Jude’s room. But I also ordered these 3 flight tag posters from designer Neil Stevens in the UK. He designs some pretty cool pieces, and I wanted to give a nod to the places we’ve traveled with Jude. His eyes lit up when he saw them arrive. They’re gorgeous quality prints.

Here’s a peek at Jude’s bunk bed from Smart Stuff Furniture by Universal! He is really loving having a big drawer underneath where he can toss his basketball togs.

I need to get a couple guys out here to help me rearrange. I want the bedroom to be laid out like this with the bunk bed centered on the wall. And then I’ll put a couple of stackable storage cubbies on either side and I’ve got a pair of sconces to be installed so we can get more light for that upper bunk. I bought clip-on lamps for the bottom bunk, but that top one is lookin’ a little bit on the dark side. I also need the electrician to fix the overhead light because when the guys installed the bunk bed, they messed it up somehow and now it flickers on and off, which freaks me out.

Ok, that does it for this week. I’m crossing my fingers that the flooring arrives sooner rather than later, but time will tell! Progress!!



The One Room Challenge comes together very quickly, but it wouldn’t be possible without some major help from these fantastic sponsors. Thanks for supporting these brands that I love!

Universal Furniture // Stroheim  // Serena & Lily // ME Home Collection // Highland Hardware // Grace Allen Design // Minted // Nourison

And thanks to Linda at Calling It Home for hosting and also to House Beautiful, the media sponsor.



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  • Natalie Gallagher

    This is coming together so beautfully! I’m LOVING your floors. Can you drop the link for the flooring you’re using? Is it online anywhere? I’m on the hunt for new flooring throughout our first floor!

  • Kristin Bryant Thompson

    You had me at all of those beautiful blue fabrics 🙂 I’m doing my little guy’s room for ORC this time around so I’m loving checking out other boy spaces-this is going to be fantastic! Kristin @ Postbox Designs

  • Karen Combs

    I have an idea for the jerseys, buy some foam board and cover with a grey felt- then pin the jersey’s on them. I work for an apparel manufacturer and we do this with everything–cheap and easy and looks polished enough to show Needless Markup!! Any color will do but we have found the grey heathered felt plays well with all sorts of colors/fabrics!

  • Garrison Street Design Studio

    I love what you have planned! This is going to be such a fun space. I also have to back your wood floor decision. We are slowly removing all of our carpet too. I’ll cross my fingers for ya that it arrives in time, but now you get an extra week 🙂

  • I love the plaid bedding, and can’t wait to see the floors once they are installed!

  • Tracey / Porch Daydreamer

    I love the color palette, bunk beds, and personal touches! My ORC has similar elements and I’m in the same place figuring out how to include items my now 18 year old son loves 🙂