Smart design & stylish touches make this hotel memorable


It’s all about that rooftop pool and the unbeatable view.

When I got the invitation for the Better Homes & Gardens’ stylemaker event, I was surprised to see that it was in Brooklyn this year. In all the years we’ve gone to NYC, we’ve yet to explore Brooklyn beyond a quickie visit back around circa 2004 to find the very first West Elm store ever (in DUMBO, as it happened).   So when I booked our hotels, I only planned on us staying in Brooklyn the first two nights, and then transferring into Manhattan for the last 2 nights. Big. Mistake.

As it happened, we were pleasantly surprised by the location, but also the relaxed, stylish vibe.  Hotels are almost always one of our favorite parts of any trip because a truly great hotel can make the experience. The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is within a fingertip’s distance to the bridge itself, and right on the East River with stunning views of lower Manhattan. It’s got kind of what I’d consider a “goop” inspired vibe (if you’re familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand).

Our room was on the 3rd floor and had 2 double beds.  We were in room 312 and it opened up onto a semi-private terrace, accessible only by the rooms along the 3rd floor that fronted it (maybe 5 or 6 rooms in total). And it was such a stunning view – it more than made up for a smallish room (albeit a very stylish one).  The room itself was lovely and comfy and the best part was the in-room filtered water dispenser (maybe the best in-room perk we never knew we needed?).

That view never fails to inspire.

Small spaces can be so functional if they’re well-designed, and this particular room was no exception. Plenty of smart touches.

We quickly hopped up to the 11th floor rooftop lounge and pool area. It had 360 degree views and frankly it was maybe better than being in Manhattan proper. The vibe was so much more relaxed, and it felt like we could breathe , as opposed to the nonstop busyness of the city itself.

The rooftop pool. Yes yes yes yes yes.

We were also pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to access Manhattan. The ferry came every few minutes, and was a quick jaunt across to Wall Street or to Midtown.  I don’t know that I ever thought I could be lured from NYC proper, but Brooklyn, you look pretty darn good from here on out.


The event this year was maybe one of the best ones I’ve attended. I go to connect with fellow bloggers and my editor pals from BHG, and this year didn’t disappoint. There was an excellent session on branding which was energizing and helped me to regain some focus in a few areas.

And in true Better Homes & Gardens fashion, no detail was overlooked.








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