NYC with Kids

New York City travel guide on what to do with kids in the big city (written from a boy mom's perspective)

Last week a reader requested that I put together an NYC with Kids post in light of our last trip to Manhattan with Jude (see my San Francisco with Kids post too!). I’m not the definitive guide here by any means, but I can tell you what for sure worked for our 8 year old boy.

Both times we’ve taken Jude, it’s been in the fall and the weather has been great. BUT that being said, plan for things like rain (i.e. umbrellas and a plan for something to do indoors) or extremes in weather no matter the season. You will spend a LOT of time outdoors so comfy shoes and a flexible mindset are a must. The first time we went, he was six, so we also had to realize we couldn’t just do everything nonstop that WE wanted to do. He got tired or bored and needed to get the wiggles out, so it was fun to hang out at parks and playgrounds and get a sense of what life with kids in NYC would be like. We particularly liked Greenwich Village for a fun playground as well as the suuuuper cool one next to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park.

And both times it’s been fun to squeeze just a little bit of culture in there with a museum or two. If I’d had my way I’d be in a museum all day everyday, but it’s not reasonable to assume that everyone will find that interesting. The first trip we did the Met with a focus on the Egyptian section (mummies!) since that was also a section he was currently studying in school. But this last time it was all about the Natural History Museum which was fantastic.

I promise that no matter how much you plan to do or see, you’ll never be able to cram it all in. But that’s always the best part about going to New York — there’s always something else that’s fun to see or do.


  1. Eataly
  2. The Meatball Shop
  3. Momofuku
  4. Jacob’s Pickles (AMAZING!!!)
  5. Dylan’s Candy Bar
  6. Shake Shack
  7. Xi’an Famous Foods
  8. Posto pizza


  1. Bikes in Central Park
  2. The Natural History Museum – TOTAL WINNER
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  4. The Highline
  5. Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island
  6. Find a local playground
  7. Empire State Building
  8. Rockefeller Center
  9. Look for rats on the subway
  10. Times Square
  11. Union Square market
  12. Grand Central Station
  13. The Today Show


  1. The Flying Tiger Copenhagen
  2. Polarn O Pyret (great jammies)
  3. Pearl River Mart
  4. MOMA Design Store
  5. Dylan’s Candy Bar
  6. Fifth Avenue
  7. The Lego shop at Rockefeller Center
  8. Niketown


  1. Home Alone 2
  2. Night at the Museum
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. Elf
  5. Muppets Take Manhattan


Check out Love Taza’s guide to NYC from a local perspective as well as NY Metro Parents for a locals’ view of what to do.  Got anything to add? Tell us in the comments – I’d love to add more things to my must-do/must-see list!

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