Easter at Carlton Landing

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Spring at Carlton Landing on Lake Eufaula

For Easter weekend, we had a few days off school, so we took advantage and headed to the lake. It was a glorious weekend of sunshine, rocking on the front porch with the baby, dinners with friends, and exploring the area around CL.

simon and archer on the porchpoolhouse 2 jude boardwalk

My friends in Oklahoma City look at me with alarm when I say that Jude takes off on his bike and roams freely when we’re at the lake. We joke that he’s running for mayor of Carlton Landing and has to be out campaigning all day (“Don’t bother anyone before 9am, Jude!” is our rallying cry).  But it’s the best thing ever for him – independence within a contained space and adventure to be found at any turn. He’s having the childhood experience that I want for my kiddos. By the end of the day, he’s exhausted, dirty, and maybe a little bit scratched up and sunburnt, but he’s had a fabulous time doing it.

firefly park bugaboo firefly park painted ladies firefly park rocking chairs dock lake eufaula carlton landing

Jude came home after this little adventure kayaking with two fish eyeballs in his hand. “LOOK WHAT I GOT! WANNA HOLD THEM!?”  Apparently we have Clay Chapman to thank for that. 🙂

dock carlton landing boys fish dock carlton landing jude paddle dock carlton landing boulevard jude skateboard

The lights have been strung along our Boardwalk intersection, and they glow so beautifully at night. shingleton cottage carlton landing - pencil shavings cottage - www.pencilshavingsstudio.com

And next door, the townhouses are making progress. They’re so cute – and a dash through them one afternoon proves that they’re well designed with great little details too. Can’t wait to see how they finish out.

boardwalk building

Meanwhile, the house is coming together finally, especially the boys’ bedroom that had been so forlorn and un-accessorized. I brought a big box of favorite books (both kids and grownup) down from OKC, and I immediately felt happy. There’s just something about the warmth of books in a home, like old friends come to visit, always ready for a chat. The nooks in the bedrooms are now full of good reads, and more than a few board games too.

carlton landing guest bedroom 1

Beds, striped bins, and pillows c/o Land of Nod; lamp by Jill Rosenwald; felt banner by Sharptooth Studio; USA print by These Are Things.carlton landing guest bedroom bed detail

I’ve also got a new painting to hang over the bed in the master bedroom that didn’t make it down this trip. I haven’t loved the two abstracts hanging there currently. They’re too little, and it’s bugging me that apparently I didn’t put the mat right side out on the one on the left. Stupid stuff like this drives me nuts. 🙂  I’ll probably do a gallery wall in there and include them there.

carlton landing master bedroom

Simon keeps telling me that I need to write a post on things to do in and around Carlton Landing because people always ask us for recommendations. So that post is forthcoming!


with love,

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