Prepping for a family trip to NYC

Prepping for our family trip to NYC -

Next week all of us are heading to NYC for a long weekend. I’ve got the Better Homes & Gardens’ Stylemaker event to attend, and my boys are tagging along for the ride.

Can I be honest? I’m so not prepared for what to wear for this trip. Maternity clothes throw me for a loop – it’s really hard to feel polished and on top of my style game right now when all I really want to do is give in to my love for Lululemon leggings (what I typically reserve for lounging at home when non-knocked-up) all day every day for the rest of my days. Plus I’m still kind of in that awkward phase where *I* feel like I look pregnant and not just all-the-burritos, but apparently people are still shocked when I tell them no, I am in fact, expecting. “WHAT?! OMG!” (tangent: Could people maybe act a little less shocked? I mean come on. Did you really think I let myself go this much in the gut? SOB)

We are really excited to show NYC to Jude. It’s one of our favorite cities and he’s old enough now to experience it. We’re definitely hitting a few faves like the Shake Shack and Eataly, but I’d love to hear any suggestions you have on NYC with kids. Thoughts? Suggestions? Favorite hidden gems?

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  • Visit Chelsea Market – Ranas has the yummiest pastas

  • Erin Griffiths

    Museum of Natural History is the best for kids – I think maybe especially for boys. Grab some sandwiches and eat lunch in the courtyard area behind the planetarium. It’s a bit of a hidden gem.

  • Krista

    Loved this… “Could people maybe act a little less shocked? I mean come on. Did you really think I let myself go this much in the gut? SOB”

    I had to give a workshop for work when I was about 26 weeks and was sooo afraid folks would be wondering if I was pregnant or if I stopped running or whatever else their imaginations might conger up. I was particularly worried it would effect their ability to pay attention to the presentation I had worked REALLY hard on – you know how a good piece of office gossip can derail productivity/refocus efforts. So I just laid it out there in my introduction by making a joke about it :-). Its nice to know I’m not the only one who has worried about such things!

    • HA! I’ve started noticing when I wear really form fitting things that show off the belly that people look at my eyes and then automatically go straight to my belly. It’s like what I imagine girls with big boobs feel like!