Halloween 2016 & Other Happenings

Internet, when your kid goes to the book fair at school, does he/she beg you for everything BUT the books? This week was Grandparents’ Day, which I’m convinced is careful planning on the school’s part to have an event where the kids drag the grandparents in and get them to buy stuff. #brilliant

But! This time around, Jude had his own birthday money so I was all “Nope. No $$$ here — you can spend your own!” And he happily trotted off with $20 which he told me was going to be spent half-and-half on books and things.

Fast forward to pickup on Wednesday when he comes racing to the car with ZERO books but four posters of Russell Westbrook, Peyton Manning, and a couple other sports heroes. I was like ‘Hold up. What happened to the book fair?’ And he was all “POSTERS!”



Anyway. We’ve been in Halloween hangover mode ever since Monday night. Which to be fair, was absolutely fun and fantabulous. It was the first year in a few that we haven’t been at Carlton Landing which kinda made me sad, but we were happy to be at our friends’ house here in the neighborhood for a school kiddo party. These kids are such a great group; for the most part everybody gets along and they’re just so darn fun.

You know what else is fun? Babies in furry fox costumes. Internet, the poor second born gets all the bum deals. After Jude shamedĀ corrected me about what Archer should wear for his first legit Halloween (you know, now that he can actually WALK), I was holding my breath waiting for Archer to royally complain (aka scream) about wearing the costume. I was convinced he would hate it.

But! To our pleasant surprise, he was really excited about it. He wants to wear the costume alllll the time even though he sweats like a turkey on ThanksgivingĀ in it.

Fox Archer

Whiskers were applied. Which, naturally, we were clearly unsure about.Fox Archer

But once we got to the party? It was like his whole world changed. Wait, what? We’re going to go door to door with all these other kids? And we’re going to get all the free candy we can carry? WHAT.Ā Halloween 2016

Nancy calledĀ this one “Archer leading the choir.”Halloween 2016

Now, excuse me == I need to go throw out all the remainder of the Halloween candy before I eat it.

Happy Friday! Oh, and btw, I’ll be hosting an Instagram takeover at the Better Homes & Gardens account this whole weekend. Come follow along!


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