Welcome, November!



As much as I love October, I am so glad to see November.

October was crazy busy between Simon’s birthday, Jude’s birthday, and Halloween. Yesterday was the designated day for Jude’s birthday party at school, so Simon and I took donuts up to his class. They do a “birthday blessing” for each birthday kid, and it’s pretty sweet. The teacher stands up and says all the good character qualities that she sees in the kid, and then each member of the class gets to say something nice too. I absolutely love it. Then an hour later we had parent/teacher conferences which went really well. I am so in love with his teacher this year. She is just the best.


For Halloween, Jude dressed up like the Lone Ranger, and we went over to a friend’s house here in our neighborhood for a party with a bunch of other kids from Jude’s class. Halloween is one more reason I love our neighborhood so much. There’s so many great people here and I love that we’re making so many friends. Several streets were closed off to traffic, so the kids were able to run around freely. Nonstop fun.  Here’s one of Jude’s classmates — isn’t she a doll?donut-mary-beth

Ok, how funny is this kid —


This weekend we’re taking a roadtrip back to Eufaula to check out Carlton Landing and I cannot wait to tell you more about it next week! Hope your weekend is relaxing!

with love,

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