Jude’s 9th Birthday


And just like that – a blink of an eye, a sharp intake of breath – we are at Jude’s 9th year. Nine years of fun, hilarity, and general awe of the person he has become. We had parent/teacher conferences on Friday and his teacher remarked how another set of teachers saw us passing by. “Oh, there are Jude’s parents… he’s such a great kid,” she told me they said.  And no greater gift can that be — the honor of being Jude’s parents.

Jude is kind, empathetic, friendly, talkative, and funny. He’s quick to make friends, and at 9, he knows more about sports than anyone else I know. He dotes on his baby brother (when Archer’s not getting into all his stuff) and he still calls me Momma.  I don’t get to write about him as much as I did when he was tiny; I’m aware that he can now read everything written about him. But  I can still share a few general things without bothering him too much.


One of his favorite gifts this year was an archery set – the last remaining pumpkin that the squirrels haven’t eaten became target practice. 😉

2016-10-30-16-39-39 img_4473

On Friday after parent/teacher conferences, I took Jude with me to Target to order his birthday cake and to do a last minute costume grab for Archer. We had this great idea to make a Kips Big Boy costume for Arch, but it never really materialized. This was the conversation:

Jude: So you just have overalls for Archer to wear? That’s the lamest costume ever.

Me: UGH. Yes. Should I just go buy some random costume? Yes. Yes I should.

Jude: yah that’s a terrible costume. He should be Captain America.

Me: Uh no. He’s still a baby. He doesn’t even know who captain america is. Look at this cute fox costume!

Jude: That’s so dumb. He’s going to grow up and be my age and look back at these pictures and say “Why did my mom put me in the dumb fox costume? WORST MOM EVER.”

So naturally I bought the fox costume b/c OMG he is STILL MY BABY.


And look how happy he is. Meanwhile. Jude wanted to be something scary (NOPE) and then randomly stumbled on this Lego Ninjago costume and I was like “SOLD!”


Speaking of costumes, the chihuahua also became the lucky LUCKY recipient of his very own Batman costume. See how he feels about it?


I’m kind of thinking he might kill us in our sleep.

Jude’s actual birthday was spent at the basketball court with two games and one verrrrry cranky toddler. And then immediately followed by naps for both toddler and mommy.img_4536

Then he rounded out the day with a trip to Norman for an OU game with his Mimi and Papa.


Jude’s idea of heaven is probably the OU stadium at this point. And apparently the hipster lovebirds sitting behind them also think it’s heavenly. 😂


Naturally one’s birthday should be enjoyed with a big plate of cheesy fries.img_4538

Archer, pondering the meaning of life on his brother’s day of birth.


And a family birthday dinner with cousins at a local favorite burger joint.img_4560 img_4571

Happy birthday, Jude. We love you to the moon and back.