End of October Happenings

Last week was a total blur for me. Do you ever feel that way? I feel like I’m just running from one thing to the next.  Between Jude’s birthday, Halloween, birthday parties at school, and parent/teacher conferences, I was ready for the weekend.  Oh, but before we move on, a few fun photos from Halloween.  We spent the evening at my sister’s house before heading over to our part of the neighborhood to pass out candy.

Did you know that Captain America wears Toms?

Dying – DYING! – over the two younger boys’ adoring faces, looking up at Matthew. Erm, Waldo.

This was a total surprise. Waldo 1 and Waldo 2.  I’ll give you one guess as to who was actually in costume. 🙂

Simon sold the house below to a client earlier this year and she said we had to stop by and check out their Halloween decorations. They definitely went all out!

Check this out — Simon’s sister and her husband dressed up as Clifford the Big Red Dog and his owner Emily Elizabeth. Was that clever or what? Clifford got hugs from kiddos all night long!

Okay. So after Halloween came parent teacher conferences. Which is code for I AM OLD. Old enough for parent teacher conferences. As I walked in the building, I was reminded of my dad going to see my high school biology teacher (who was kind of tough). My dad — being the funny guy that he is with a fantastic sense of humor — brought Mrs. Bernard a great big anatomy book as a bribe nice gesture. We kinda laughed for years about that. I don’t think it helped much. She kinda raised one eyebrow and was like, “okay, let’s talk about Rachel.”

But really, the conference was fine. Jude’s, that is.  I absolutely adore Jude’s teachers. They just get kids. And they get Jude. I really think that can be rare – not everybody who’s a teacher is really, well, good with kids.   God put us right in the perfect place. With Jude being a preemie, I think in the back of my mind I’ve always been waiting for the other shoe to drop in a way. Will he have learning issues? Will he have some undiscovered problem pop up? But his teacher was quick to tell me how much Jude loves school – which I see as well. And how much he loves his little friends and how much he wants to do the right thing. While he does have some struggles with alphabet recognition, I feel encouraged that we’re in the best place for him.

Since all the kids were out of school on Friday, I spent the rest of the day at my sister’s house, helping my nephew Ben with his room redo. I cannot wait to show you the finished result, but I will show you this little sneak preview! Furniture is in, the closet is organized, and we’ll hopefully get paint done really soon.

Lovin’ that photo above of 5 out of 7 cousins shot by my sister-in-law on Instagram. Aren’t they cute?

Friday night, we snuck away with my sister and her hubs to eat at Vast, the new restaurant at the top of the (equally new) Devon tower. It was such a fantastic experience – truly unlike anything else in OKC. It felt like something you’d find in Vegas. I’m still amazed at the way OKC continues to change.

And then suddenly it was Sunday and we celebrated my Dad’s birthday. Sitting around the table at my parents’ house, it felt like the holidays. The most wonderful time of the year, to be sure.

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