An easy gorgeous kitchen update (without doing construction)

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When we moved into our house 8 years ago, the kitchen had been totally gutted: walls knocked down, all new cabinetry, appliances, and granite countertops. The aesthetic overall ended up being a little more French country than what we would prefer, and we repainted everything a couple of years ago along with the adjoining family room. We

You maybe haven’t given much thought to your kitchen faucet, until it doesn’t work.  Somewhere in the past eight years, in between bathing babies, chihuahuas, dishes, and everything else (anyone else – or their mother – wash their hair in their kitchen sink?), the separate sprayer handle completely broke off of our existing (and apparently cheaply made) faucet hardware. And no matter how many times one of us would fix it, it would break over and over again. I finally just threw that piece away and the sprayer sat disregarded but sorely missed.

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I frequently work with the agency who represents GROHE and they offered to send over their new super-chic Eurocube kitchen faucet to test out. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! It’s got major style points – the pull-out spray head is mounted on a spring hose and it brings that industrial professional chef look and function that’s really popular in kitchen design right now.  We had it installed right before the home tour, and it definitely brings a whole new level of glamour and function to our kitchen. It’s got an entirely cubical design — even the water sprays out in a square shape.

Switching out your faucet is such an easy way to update your kitchen without doing a major reno or remodel. Simon has remarked numerous times how much style the faucet brings to the room overall now – it visually links the chrome hardware we had chosen, the shine of the hardware on the drum pendant, and the matching finials on the curtain rod. Repetition for the win!

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It’s substantially taller than our old faucet, and due to the single-hole mount, we needed an escutcheon to cover the existing pre-drilled holes in the granite countertops (something to keep in mind if you’re in the same boat). I was a little nervous about how it’d look installed, but it’s so crazy beautiful and functional that I don’t even notice the escutcheon.  The chrome finish does end up being a little bit of a fingerprint magnet, so if that bothers you, think about going with a brushed finish. But due to GROHE’s StarLight technology, no matter what you choose it will always be scratch and tarnish-free.

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Thanks to GROHE for sponsoring this mini makeover!

Good news – GROHE is giving away four Eurocube faucets! Hop over and check out it out. The first winner will be chosen Friday, June 10 and the final winner on Friday, July 3.

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