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It was two years ago on Memorial Day weekend that I showed up at Carlton Landing with two chihuahuas, a 6 year old redheaded boy, and a carload of (hole-filled) air mattresses, broke-down coffee maker, and a few lamps to move in to our new house. And it was that same weekend after lifting all the heavy furniture, taking cold meds, and sitting in hot tubs (aka, all no-nos) that I found out I was pregnant with Archer in a shocking twist of fate. Memorial Day weekend, you are filled with some pretty amazing memories.

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How much has changed in those two years, not only to us as a family but also to our beloved little lake community. Our lives have been impacted by some fun and lovely families there and we continue to delight in the growth happening all around us.

We didn’t get down to CL until Sunday morning (my oldest nephew graduated from high school on Saturday, followed by festivities at my parents’ house afterwards). And then I hit the ground running to knock out a few different projects I’ve had in the works for months (more on that in a minute). Dinner that night with friends followed by a lazy, rainy Memorial Day Monday.

We bought a fold-up wagon to keep down at the lake house and it’s funny how such a simple thing really did make a big difference for us. I probably will never take our stroller there again. Archer LOVED that darn wagon! And it folds totally flat – it may be the best $80 I ever spent. I loaded it up with a few different things to shoot on a friend’s porch and tucked him right on in. He squealed the entire way! And Jude even did a lemonade “food truck” out of the wagon, making a whopping $11. 😉

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Once the storms rolled out on Memorial Day, the light shifted as we headed toward dusk. Early morning and early evening, the sun bathes everything in the most beautiful rosy light. It’s truly not unlike Paris’s famous rose-colored sunsets. And it’s very much different from the skies in Oklahoma City, too, despite being not that far away.2016-05-30 20.43.57

Overall it was a working weekend for me as I was shooting a few styled projects for a couple of different brands I’m working with (and you’ll get to see more of these shots of this amazing front porch swing in a few weeks). And I think this is my new favorite picture of Archer on that amazing Serena & Lily hanging rattan chair below — doesn’t get any dreamier than that!

2016-05-31 18.06.02

One project I had to work on was a collaboration I did with the Land of Nod for the Carlton Landing kid’s library. Carlton Landing has a public school in town in the two cutest little old-fashioned schoolhouses you ever did see. And naturally any school needs a library, so several of the moms have been working on stocking it with plenty of great reading materials. But they needed  a little help so I reached out to the Land of Nod to see if they’d be interested in working something out. They LOVED the entire concept and were super generous with what they sent us.

blue door schoolhouse


We were graciously gifted a colorful rug, three bookshelves, a rolling library cart, several bean bags, and some storage locker bins.  I absolutely adore how it turned out. The classically-styled room is enormous and is filled with built-in bookshelves, windowseats, tall windows and loads of light. And since it was pretty much a blank canvas, it was really easy to bring in some fun color and not stray too far from the more traditional bones of the room.

2016-05-29 15.57.52land of nod carlton landing kids libraryland of nod carlton landing window seat 2

We’re hoping to raise some money to buy some more desks for homework/study areas and we put together a Go Fund Me account to get the ball rolling (feel free to donate if you feel so led!).

land of nod carlton landing school library

My favorite thing about this entire project is that I could do something to make this place special for some pretty amazing kiddos in the community as it continues to grow — one of my friends told me that the teachers have to put a time limit on each beanbag chair because the kids are so excited to use them! How great is that?!  To the Land of Nod, THANK YOU from the bottom of every single Carlton Landing resident’s heart: you really made something great happen for all those kids!


with love,

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