5 Things This Weekend

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No major plans for the weekend other than hanging out and enjoying pretty weather. I particularly love that the weekends mean no hurrying out the door. Jude has been fully leaning in to the classic firstborn (read: a little buttoned-up and anal?) tendencies, marked in particular by his attention lately to timeliness. This is also due to the fact that he is now accurately telling time and that apparently the kids can now receive an award at school for punctuality. HAAAAAA

This manifests at home with Jude standing over us in the morning with a thread of anxiety in his voice. “It’s 6:55am!” he hisses.

(Internet, school does not begin until 8:15 and due to our proximity, it means we can leave at 8am.)

Then, the intensity of the hissing increases as the clock ticks forward, ever forward! “IT’S 7:30! DAD! ARE YOU READY?!”

I mean, it’s like The End Is Near every single day. Yesterday, Jude marched into our room and said “DAD. It’s 7:35. Are you going to stay in bed ALL DAY LONG?”

Bless it.


@psstudio bold colorful floral scarf - spring color - fashion - what to wear spring 2016

I’m madly in love with this scarf from Target. Perfect to tie in your hair as a makeshift headband or to wrap around your purse handle. The matching clutch is adorable too.


green house dining room retro renovation pencil shavings studio

This house is like the most amazing colorful time capsule. I’m pretty sure it’s my parents’ house’s spirit animal. It even has the same green carpet! Also – let’s make TVs on bar carts a thing. So chic.


An interesting read on the whole first-world conundrum of women being able to “have it all“. Some language used, so be aware if you’re sensitive to it.


A fun and colorful IG account. Super creative!


I am obsessed – OBSESSED – with this whole room reveal, in particular that bold floral Designers Guild wallpaper in the bathroom. YES.

caitlin wilson design amrapali designers guild wallpaper floral bathroom pencil shavings studio

Thanks again for voting for PSS as best decor blog at BHG! Happy weekend, friends —