Get the look: parsons arm chairs

eddie ross- modern mix - parsons arm chairs @psstudio

I’m pretty sure I have BHG’s east coast editor Eddie Ross to thank for my current obsession with upholstered parsons arm chairs. It’s that gorgeous cover image on his book Modern Mix that has stuck with me for the past few months, and sent me down the rabbit hole on more than one occasion in search of one for my very own.  I’ve been pinning images like crazy and I love how they can work in practically any style of interior thanks to their low profile and unassuming minimalistic design.  I’m particularly a fan of them in velvet, like Eddie’s above, and all the better if you can get them in a pair. It just doesn’t get any more fabulous than that.

Hop over to StyleSpotters to get the look and to check out the stunning patterns I found, not to mention some showstopper jewel-toned solids.

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