New Front Door & a Schlage Sense Giveaway

One of the items on the to-do list for our house was a new front door as the original door was letting a lot of air escape thanks to a less-than-snug seal. Also? One weird quirk of our house was that the door handle was installed upside down on the inside. So people would always get flummoxed when trying to leave the house, which was a nice perk when it came to keeping toddler Jude from fleeing the property.

The other issue was the original lock on the door was also out of whack (this is obviously a technical term. Ahem). Anytime the weather would change, suddenly the lock would stick every single time. Frustrating, right?

new front door

We received a SchlageSense smart deadbolt and figured it was as good a time as any to splurge on that new front door we’d been pining on. We spent time driving around looking at other peoples’ front doors, pinned a bunch of images to Pinterest for inspiration, and then after a quick visit or two to a local supply shop here in OKC we landed on the front door that was finally installed. Side note: after watching our delightfully crotchety handyman install the door, I have learned that I will never ever DIY a door installation. EVERRRRR.

The door color is still to be determined as evidenced by the patchwork of blues above, but wow – we are looooving the ease of the new door (not to mention all the additional light we get into the entryway thanks to the large window). But! Maybe the coolest thing though is the smart deadbolt. It’s got a keypad and once you set up your particular code, you never need to mess with a key again (although it does have a traditional keyed lock). I especially love this as I almost never have a house key on me. And no more worrying about hiding a house key somewhere (ours growing up was always in a pill bottle buried in the ground! #doctorskidsproblems).

And it’s funny how many friends have commented on how they no longer have to pull the door handle up on the inside to exit the house. Hooray for a legit working handle!

schlage interior handle

The deadbolt works seamlessly with your iPhone (thanks to Bluetooth) and can also be locked via Siri. The app is pretty robust – I like that when you log in you can see if the door status (is it locked or unlocked?) and then remedy it if need be. You can also set up several different entry codes and then see who’s entered or exited via the app. Especially handy for if your kiddo wants to get in or maybe your housekeeper. Easy peasy.

schlage sense entryway

I cannot wait to get that door painted on the inside. That icky peachy fleshy color is so gross.schlage sense exterior shot schlage sense handle schlage sense keypad

So how about a little last-minute Christmas giveaway? Hooray! Schlage wants to give one of you guys a SchlageSense SmartDeadbolt too. Hurry – this one’s a quickie!

a Rafflecopter giveaway