Choosing a safe, quality floor

@psstudio Pergo hardwood floors in aqua living room and dining room at Pencil Shavings Studio www.pencilshavingsstudio.comIf you’re in the market for wood floors, the options can be overwhelming: materials, finishes, widths, not to mention colors. It all boils down to what works best for your particular home and family. Because we’re always in a neverending cycle of home projects (can’t stop/won’t stop), wood floors had been bounced around as a potential upgrade to our 1960s-era home. We had priced out traditional hardwood floors a year or so ago, but it was hard to wrap our minds around the cost of hardwoods. (Chalk that one up to my realtor husband analyzing what would add value to the home in the long-run!)

In the end, we went with Pergo’s engineered hardwood since we’ve got the whole dog and kid situation happening and I have to say I’m pretty happy overall with the finished product. I was a little nervous about choosing engineered wood versus a traditional wood floor as I didn’t know a lot about it initially and didn’t want it to look fake. But engineered hardwood is made up of several layers of plywood with a top layer of hardwood, so you get the same look but with greater durability and a lower price point.

Our house is built on a concrete foundation, and it was a simple process (thanks to our awesome installer) to lay the floors in a single day after ripping out the carpet. I wanted something aesthetically pleasing but also a work horse — and even my installer was impressed with how the finished room turned out. It does have a different sound underfoot than traditional hardwood floors, so keep that in mind if that bothers you.

Finally, the main thing I love about having wood floors is that I’m not obsessing about what’s lurking in our carpet anymore and Archer is free to roam around without me worrying about what’s stuck in the fibers that we will never see (gag). And that peace of mind is worth a lot.

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