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An update on our home at Carlton Landing: wood floors and tile work is complete.


Since Jude was out of school on Monday, I figured it was as great a time as any to hop in the car and take a little jaunt to Carlton Landing to check on the progress of our house. I had a light fixture that needed to be delivered, so off we went.  My friend Erin just moved to CL full time and she has graciously sent us Instagram updates on the house, but we were all surprised to walk in and see all the wood floors had been laid. HOORAY!



The honed marble countertops were also installed in the past week and all of the plumbing fixtures have gone in.  All the tile work with the exception of the kitchen backsplash is also laid. It feels like a real house finally!

floors-in-the-kitchen More photos and our carpet picks after the jump —


The wood floors just thrill me to pieces. They still need to be stained (this might not be the actual correct term??) to the lighter shade shown on the balustrade trim in the photo below.


We also finalized our choice for carpet for the upstairs bedrooms and sleeping loft. Which was surprisingly difficult – and I’m especially glad that we only limited ourselves to the options shown. I think my head might have exploded into a million tiny pieces had we  tried to find something else.



And now this is the portion of the tour that will be led by Jude. In full cheezball mode (those faces he’s making! hahaha).

cheezball-2 cheezball-jude


Let’s all take a moment of silence to observe the magnificence of subway tile and dark grout. And also black hex tiles.

jude-in-the-shower from-the-loft-to-the-stairwell-simonjude-into-the-master-bath

I just fell over dead of happiness over the tile and the marble countertops.   And wait til you see the chrome light fixture going over the mirror. YUM.


Oh, here’s Jude continuing the tour.  The downstairs bath also has black hex tiles and a pedestal sink.




Everything was so green and lush outside – spring has fully arrived and summer feels so very close. Our teeny tiny redbud tree was already changing over from the blossoms to leaves. Oh, I nearly forgot – one of the other final decisions to be made was the type of railing we wanted around the front porch. We went with a low bench option, and they’re also going to build me a set of stairs on the side into the yard (shown below). I think it’ll flow nicely from the porch into the side yard and be more user-friendly.  We teased the building contractor that we were going to put a SofPool there on the side in the yard and therefore we needed to be able to access it easily from the front door.




Thanks to Jude for the fabulous tour of cheezy faces. hehe

Next week i’m going to show you some of the lighting decisions we made!

with love,

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