A Few Tools for New Moms

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Every new mom has her toolbox of must-haves, and I thought I’d share a few of mine, both digital and otherwise.  And as I’m always looking for new apps, share some of your favorites, too. wonder-weeks-app-pencil-shavings-studio-mom-tips


Wonder Weeks was recommended to me by several friends and it’s been so helpful at understanding certain leaps in the baby’s development. Sometimes you just need a little heads-up on what to expect, and this app helps you recognize periods of fussiness when they’re going through a growth spurt.

Moms on Call is another favorite of mine. When Archer was about 4 months old, I was ready to get into more of a routine with him, but was having a hard time recognizing any consistency in his natural patterns. This app helps you remember with recommended schedules for babies and it’s based on specific age ranges. It reminds me when it’s time for feeding, etc. I think its best merit is in helping you figure out how to adjust naptimes, bedtimes, etc. once they’ve gone through a growth spurt. Helpful, nonetheless, if you’re of the scheduling opinion for babies (although I think routine is maybe a better term). is great for a few reasons. Free 2-day shipping, a la Amazon Prime, (use code RACH277 for 15% off your first order!), and their app keeps everything easily at hand for reordering. I really like that they do some great sales frequently on baby gear, like 25% off all Fisher Price or that sort of thing. And it’s easy to search for toys, gear, etc.



Despite my love of technology, I have to have a paper calendar to scribble in. The Simplified Planner is my go-to as it’s colorful but more importantly it’s well-designed. (Pssst — check out my interview on Emily Ley’s blog!) And I’m also partial to The EL Baby Book for documenting A’s first year. I particularly like that it comes with a keepsake box because sometimes there are things you want to hang on to that don’t fit neatly inside a book (I’m looking at YOU, hospital bracelet).

I’m also still rocking my 3-diaper bag system, although sadly, our car was broken into over the weekend in Dallas and someone stole Archer’s main diaper bag (NOOOOO).  Such a bummer, but we weren’t totally out of everything since I had the lightweight Baggu tote with everything we’d need for an afternoon out.


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