Washi Tape iPhone Chargers


If your family is anything like mine, you have a million-and-one device power adapters lying around the house for various electronics. And then somehow, even though every iPad and iPhone comes with its own adapter, you’re fighting to get your device fully charged before someone else comes along to recharge their gadget.  Familiar?

I got to looking at our little Apple power adapters the other day and thought, “Now wouldn’t that be a fun thing to personalized with washi tape!”

(Clearly I have a washi tape addition as evidenced here here here and here. I can’t get enough.) 

Funny how such a simple little thing can make me smile when I look at it!  For the blue one, I used the regular skinny washi tape. The pink stripe one, however, is a 50mm washi tape that’s a little wider and it was the exact width of my power adapter. Be sure to line up your pattern if you use the smaller regular sized tape.

Additionally, I’ve found that this is super handy in distinguishing chargers for differing devices. I have an iPhone 4 which has a different sized port than my new iPad mini. Having differing colored tapes for the adapters has helped avoid confusion.

Easy peasy!

with love,

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