Archer’s Nursery with the Land of Nod (plus a giveaway!)



Today I’m excited to share Archer’s nursery tour! But more specifically I wanted to tell you what I learned from designing my second baby’s nursery and give a few practical tips that you can implement too.  And naturally I want to spoil you rotten with a fab giveaway to boot!

Archer's nursery with the Land of Nod featuring the Anderson dresser and striped rug. Big apple inspired nursery, red blue, boy nursery, baby boy

You’ll probably remember my posts on nursery design here and here. But beyond the design, I bumped into a couple of key issues. When you’ve got another  baby on the way, odds are that you’re going to reuse a lot of the same things from the first one. I had saved practically everything from when Jude was a baby, with the exception of the crib which had long ago gone on to glory. Heck, I still had diapers in my old diaper bag, for Pete’s sake!  But there were a couple of areas where I realized that we were going to have to find some design solutions.

Archer's nursery with the Land of Nod featuring the Anderson dresser and striped rug. Big apple inspired nursery, red blue, boy nursery, baby boy

Right away I realized that this baby needed two things of his very own that I couldn’t hand down from Jude:

  1. a dresser
  2. toy & book storage

I couldn’t pass along Jude’s dresser because he’s still using it and will be for years to come (which is great because we bought it to last well beyond the nursery years). And the toy storage – as we all know – is an absolute must-have since those darn things multiply like rabbits. A place for everything and everything in its place.

End goal: pick out storage furniture that can grow with Archer so we’re not locked into babyish pieces that only get us through a year or two. So I chatted with my friends at the Land of Nod to see if we could come up with something together. The Land of Nod’s aesthetic meshes so well with mine, and like I’ve said before, it’s the kind of stuff I’d want even if I didn’t have kids. And to me, that’s the mark of great design – there’s no delineation between “for kids” or “for grown-ups.” It’s just good stuff.

Anderson Dresser from the Land of Nod, baby boy nursery, boy bedroom, modern nursery, modern boy nursery, big apple, navy nursery, white nursery, stripe rug, red moroccan pouf -

All those precious baby clothes are now corralled in the stylish Andersen dresser. It does double duty as a changing table; I reused the topper that came with Jude’s dresser from 2007.  I’m really impressed with the quality of this dresser – and I’m totally having a moment with the natural wood-on-white look right now. It’ll transition perfectly once Archer needs a more grown-up space (um, not too soon, ok? Sob). anderson dresser clothingtiny-cottons-angleanderson dresser drawers

All the baby toys are happily living in the District bookshelf across the room. I went with two shelves instead of three as it fit the space better, although I love that you can add more later if you need it. It’s currently housing books, stuffed animals, and other goodies. I’m sure little treasures will get stowed behind the sliding doors.

The Land of Nod district bookcase in Archer's nursery, baby boy nursery, modern, stripe rug, white nursery The Land of Nod district bookcase in Archer's nursery, baby boy nursery, modern, stripe rug, white nursery

I pulled the rolling library cart in from the playroom with all of the board books. Above it are my Madera Instagram prints, printed on wood to continue the natural texture from the dresser and the frames.

bookshelf library cart detail bookshelf pat the cat

And these wire baskets make for perfectly lightweight laundry hampers (these are similar).laundry hamper detail

The red pouf serves as a comfy seat as well as a footrest for the rocking chair (which is currently downstairs in the living room) and I love it when Jude hops up onto it when I’m changing the baby’s diaper. red pouf ottoman with basket of blankets stripe rug red moroccan pouf basket with baby blankets boden

I’m utterly obsessed with the striped cube storage totes. The colors are bright and vibrant, and they’re so flexible. I use them for everything from taking Pencil Shavings Studio orders to the post office to taking a haul of things down to the lake house. In the nursery, I’m using them to store all the gigantic boxes of diapers and wipes that I keep on hand as well as more toys (OMG WHERE DO THEY ALL COME FROM). stripe tote holding diapers

I cannot sing the praises enough of how tough and yet still stylish these things are. stripe tote holding toys stripe tote laundry hamper stripe tote toys

angle-eames-chairSo now for the fun part – the Land of Nod wants to give you $100 to get creative with your own storage! One lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card to put towards any of their colorful and fabulous bins, shelves and totes. How fun is that? It’s a veritable rainbow of options – here are my current favorites. Check out the Rafflecopter widget to enter.

A rainbow of colorful storage options for the nursery, playroom, and kids' bedrooms with The Land of Nod -



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to my friends at the Land of Nod!

with love,

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