The first week of Summer 2015

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Now that school is officially out, I loaded the boys up in the car and headed straight for Carlton Landing. What a difference a year makes! A year ago we were in the craziness of moving and discovering I was pregnant (surprise!). I still laugh about the epic mess that first weekend was here. It’s a little bit easier now, although I still feel like a gypsy caravan loaded to the hilt with alllllll the baby things. Babies need SO MUCH STUFF OMG.

Best friends in the big bed together, chihuahua and baby, @psstudio

Look at those two little goobers in the big bed. Nickels LOOOOVES Archer, and Archer’s just now figuring out that Nickels does not, in fact, like to be kicked. That being said, Nickels has to be right next to me when I’m feeding A, and I frequently look down to see him licking Archer’s feet (weirddddd).

@psstudio Pencil Shavings Studio iPhone case and notebook, Emily Ley Simplified Planner, colorful pens


Work goes on in brief spurts here and there, but less than I would’ve expected. Can I be honest? Having two kids is HARD. Especially when it’s pouring rain outside and the older kid is like a caged animal. During the schoolyear I’d gotten pretty used to having a baby because J was in school all day. Now this all day togetherness has thrown me for a loop, and it’s testing my patience. Big time. Summer is hard – it always is, with all the unstructured time. But having two together now is adding another layer of difficulty to it. Every day I’m thankful that it’s a new day and I’m trying to have grace on myself and remember to have patience with Jude. After all, he’s adjusting to having a baby brother just as much as I am.

You may or may not know that Oklahoma is experiencing record-breaking rain and flooding of Biblical proportions. Lake Eufaula has a dam on the eastern edge, and it’s a fun little field trip to see the water rushing over the side. The lake is up 15 feet above average and it can’t go much higher.



We couldn’t even get close to getting a good view because all the roads around the base of the dam are flooded. See that photo above? There’s a parking lot under there somewhere (seen in this photo). Womp wompppp.



Jude was not too keen to go see the dam, but once we got there he was pretty intrigued. And it gave me butterflies to drive over the dam and see all the force of that water. Apparently it could fill 30,000 barrels of oil per second.



Simon arrives tonight and we can’t wait to see him! We’re all geared up for the Friday night community dinner and a relaxing weekend of swimming and Nerf wars. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t totally rain out all weekend long.  Time to start building an ark!

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