An Ode to Growing Up Green

I thought you might enjoy a little glimpse into the house where I grew up. My parents have such a bold sense of style; my mom’s favorite colors are blue and green, and they chose to decorate based on that theme. Back in the late 70s, they hired this fantastic interior designer with a real flair for what we would now call the Hollywood Regency style. I wish I could’ve met this guy; I think I would have loved so much of what he designed. Plus, the wallpaper he chose was unbelievable. Everything that is old is new again, non?

But it’s funny how things work. Have you ever noticed that when you were a kid, the things you were surrounded with were just, well, old hat? When I was younger, I just wanted to do things differently, more modern, more contemporary, blah blah blah. But as I’ve gotten older, and experienced different styles, it’s amazing how I keep gravitating back to what I was raised with.
I sincerely believe my love for color is based on growing up in our blue and green house. I love color; I can’t imagine living or working without it. My mom always loves to have all of the blinds open in the house, so light just pours in all day long. It’s just a happy, bright house and I had such a wonderful childhood there. And it is still a happy house, one that my siblings and I love to go home to, and bring our kids and just hang out.

Check out these marvelous lamps. They are HUGE and have the most fantastic shades. I’m talking, like, at least three feet high. Truly a dramatic statement in Mom and Dad’s beautiful wood-paneled formal living room. We call it the Piano Room because that’s where the baby grand is, and the scene of many a tearful piano practice. 🙂

How about this fantastic wallpaper above? This is the powder bath, what we call the Monkey Bathroom because it’s basically a monkey, well, toile, for lack of a better term. Everybody that comes over loves the Monkey Bathroom. Isn’t the color fantastic? If there’s one thing that defines my parents’ house, it is gorgeous, vibrant wallpaper. 

Ok, ok, I know – this faux bamboo bookshelf is TO. DIE. FOR. And it gets even better: there are two! I totally have dibs on these shelves when Mom decides she wants to get rid of them. I looooove them. I have seen these bookshelves in several high-end stores such as Mecox Home, and I nearly died.  Oh, and this is in my old bedroom, FYI. I would still put that wallpaper up, too (Laura Ashley, circa mid-90s). I love it. It’s such a calm, soothing room. 
So, how about this fantastic faux-bamboo chair (above)? I keep seeing these popping up on eBay. Plus, the wallpaper in the kitchen pictured here is so reminiscent of Kelly Wearstler’s collection of paper and fabric for KWID.
Here’s Jude, headed down the hallway towards the Monkey Bathroom. The wallpaper in the dining room (where I’m sitting) is a large-scale print. Maybe somewhat Asian-inspired? Not sure. And finally, look at the beautiful detail on the front door (below).  ::sigh::

Thanks for checking out my little homage to my parents’ house! Hope you were inspired!