Jude’s 7th Birthday & Life Around Here




October is a busy birthday month for us with both Simon’s and Jude’s birthdays within two weeks of each other.  Jude’s birthday fell on Wednesday this week, and we celebrated with a grandparent party at our house. His one big request was a strawberry flavored cake (YUM) and an Xbox. I was more than happy to fulfill both requests.



Funny things Jude has said lately that I want to remember:

“I don’t know if you knew this or not, but I am FAMOUS in the Bible.”

While discussing the new baby’s name: “I don’t want you to name the new baby that. I WANT THAT TO BE MY NAME. And then we will call the baby “lil’ Jude.” Oh really. Ok then.

After surveying the neighbors’ Halloween decorations (we’re up to 5 gigantic inflatables this year, including one on the roof), Jude says, “I’ve chatted with the neighbors and they said yes, absolutely we can have one of their inflatables in our yard.”  Umm, no thanks.

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In other news, Jude lost his other top tooth. After lying in bed discussing how wiggly it was, he ran downstairs and pulled the darn thing right out of his mouth in our bathroom and then came running & screaming. So exciting. I ran into the bathroom to help him clean up and seeing the tiny wee bloodied tooth there on the counter, I figured I might as well wash it off too, and Internet, I am not even kidding you when I tell you that it didn’t take two seconds for that darn tiny tooth to wash right out of my hand and down the drain. It wasn’t out of his mouth even a minute. MOTHER OF THE YEARRRRRRR.  Jude’s lower lip quivered and I swore up and down that the tooth fairy does indeed still visit boys whose mothers lose their teeth down sink drains.  And yes, the tooth fairy did leave a nice note for Jude (which is viewable on Simon’s instagram here).  And then I left a whole $5 because I felt so guilty.

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This weekend we’re headed to Carlton Landing for Halloween and I cannot wait. We’re having a community wide chili dinner followed by allllll the Halloween candy and trick or treating. And the weather is going to drop to deliciously cool temperatures! YAY!

Pagoda Melamine

Finally, a quick programming note that I will unfortunately not be participating in the holiday pop up shops this year (wahhhhh). I didn’t want to risk overdoing it physically what with being in the 3rd trimester. So. As much as it kills me to not be there, I’ll be keeping everything online, and I might pull together an open house. As always, if you live in the OKC area and you want to drop by to shop what we have in stock, that is totally fine. Drop me an email/Etsy convo/FB message, whatever. Online orders will continue as normal, and as soon as I have finalized holiday shipping dates, I will post them. Oh, and I just got in these ADORABLE new melamine platters and have also set up a section in the shop for top holiday gifts, so be sure to check it out. Almost everything is able to be personalized.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

with love,

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