Jill Rosenwald Bedding Giveaway

A bedding giveaway with Jill Rosenwald #jillbeddinggiveawayJillRosenwaldBedding_01

I know you guys love a good before & after as much as I do.  And today’s is brought to you by my friend Jill Rosenwald, the talent behind the eponymous handpainted  ceramics line and now also a bedding collection as well. She reached out and asked if I’d like to do a bedroom makeover with one of her designs and I said absolutely.  But we didn’t need any bedding at our house or at the lake, so who could we do the makeover for? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks as I surveyed her collection. My brother’s old bedroom at my parents’ house would be perfect – formerly wallpapered in brown cork, it was the absolute darkest room in their otherwise bright and colorful house. A few years back, they had the wallpaper taken down and the room painted the palest sky blue. Now it’s ethereal and glowing – but nothing else had been done to it since then.

Case in point:



Yeah.  See that thing hanging off a chain from the fan? Yup – that’s Alf.  The good thing about this room is that it had great side tables and I really love that aqua lamp in the corner. And then there’s the famous (infamous?) bright green Karastan carpet that goes throughout the whole house (see the tour here) .

So Jill sent us the Newport Gate collection and one afternoon Nickels and I showed up to do the install. Spoiler alert: he approves.



The after turned out so lovely that every time we go to my parents’ house, we’re all jonesing to stay in this room. We brought in a headboard as well as a Lawrence McRae lamp to bounce the coral color from the bedding around the room. The x benches are from Target and the trellis basket is from Hobby Lobby.






And to give it a really bold eye-popping splash of color, we placed this stunning painting by Rita Ortloff on the adjacent wall.



Now for the best part – Jill wants to give away this same set to a lucky reader!  All you have to do is follow Jill on Instagram and regram this image below. We’ll keep it up and running through Friday and then pick a winner.

instagram-jill-rosenwaldGood luck, friends!


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