20 Weeks: Gender Reveal!



So yesterday was The Day Which We Have Awaited For 20 Weeks: the anatomy scan. I dropped Jude at school and promptly began drinking all the water in prep for our 9:15 appointment. So by the time 9:15 rolled around, my bladder was like an engorged water balloon being squeezed in the hand of a twitchy teenager.  And those appointment times? Yeah, they’re more like “suggestions.”

But whatever. Neither here nor there. We were finally called back and I have to say I was pretty nervous. I just want everything to be okay and like I’ve mentioned before I’ve been way more superstitious this go around. First, the tech made a go at determining gender. And just like the first time, baby was uncooperative.  So she went on with taking the other requisite measurements, and occasionally would try to check again. Nope. Legs still tightly crossed. She had me get up, walk around, bounce up and down – NOTHING.

Finally she raised up the bed I was laying on and put the head way down low so I was laying kind of upside down. “Just lay like that for a little bit and I’ll come back.”

And so after all the rolling, moving, shaking, and upside-downness, Baby BOY Shingleton decided to acquiesce. I’m thinking he was just mild-mannered and cozy since we had a hard time getting a good profile pic too – his little face is squished into the placenta like a nice soft pillow!

And instantly I felt just like I did with Jude. “YES! Another boy! BROTHERS!”  So much joy and happiness surrounding this baby. And when I picked J up from school, I excitedly said, “You were RIGHT! It’s a boy!” His eyes got great big and he squealed.

Baby Brother, you are one lucky dude – we cannot wait for you to come join us and have all the fun.


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